How do you use Adversity to your Advantage?

When is the last time you faced adversity?

Adversity presents itself to us throughout our daily lives very frequently.  There is nothing we can do about it except embrace it and attempt to use it to our advantage.  Think back to when the last time was that something unexpected happened that may have thrown off your plans to achieve something.  Did you harness the adversity and grow from the experience?  Or did you crumble under the stress of something going off-script?  Here are some tips for you to turn adversity into a positive experience.  Enjoy.

  • Use it as motivation. Improving yourself is never easier than when experiencing adversity.  It forces you to make quick decisions and think in a different manner than if everything was going according to plan.  Learn from the adversity and embrace the change.
  • Adopt a ‘never give up’ mindset. This will force your brain to never shut down and always keep fighting.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.  When is the last time you did “whatever it takes” to achieve something?
  • Build confidence. Small accomplishments can add up to an extremely productive day, week, or month.  As long as you form daily habits that will help give you the sense of accomplishment needed, you will be able to stay confident as a person.  How do you build confidence?
  • Continue to search. Growing your mind is something you should never stop doing.  Search for new ideas and learn how to make improvements on your life.
  • Surround yourself with great people. Success attracts success and after a while, the people you surround yourself with will start to rub off on you.  Who do you surround yourself with?  Are they helping or hindering you?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is going to James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Bootcamp in a few weeks.

Life Tip #79:  Learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future

What is your Leadership Philosophy?

How do you lead?

As leaders, we all should have our own unique philosophy.  How should we lead those around us?  Should we be strict and not cut corners?  Should we be laid back and promote fun and happiness?  There are many choices you will have to make on this leadership journey, but here are some tips to consider when establishing your philosophy.  Enjoy.

  • Lead yourself first. What do you value?  Make sure you establish trust and confidence in yourself before anything else.  You must be clear about your mission and values to your team.  Prioritize them and live your life as consistently as possible.
  • Develop your own philosophy. We can read books and watch videos about others and their philosophy styles, but it’s extremely important that you establish your own style.  Make it unique and relevant to the group you are leading.  My leadership philosophy: Everything I touch turns to gold.  What’s yours?
  • Lead by example. Have a plan and execute it through your actions.  Always imagine you are on stage and act accordingly.  Be prepared at all times and expect the same from your team.  When was the last time you lead by example?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson speaks to other local groups around Rochester, NY.  Last week he spoke to a group of Boy Scout leaders and helped them lead their troops.

I was a great honor to host Coach Johnson one evening to speak to several of our life-long Boy Scout volunteer leaders who serve hundreds of youth in Lighthouse District within Seneca Waterways Council, in Upstate, NY… Coach Johnson – a very inspiring leader who engages the audience with thought provoking questions to reflect ourselves in the direction of our lives.

– Jonathan Seiler, Lighthouse District Executive, Seneca Waterways Council, Boy Scouts of America –

Life Tip #40: Add more disciplines to your life to become a more attractive person

How do you Develop Willpower?

Are you developing willpower?

As a leader, willpower is key to making sure you stay consistent with your actions.  Being  role model to others is a tough job and in order to stay on top of your game in front of your peers, you must have the willpower to consistently do what is right.  Below are some tips I have compiled for you to focus on when discovering your willpower.  Enjoy.

  • Make and keep promises. To yourself as well as to others.  Your word must always be considered by others to be gold.  Once you have lost the ability to keep your word (promises) to others, you have become one step closer to losing your group.  What is the last promise you kept?
  • Write down a daily list of goals. For me personally, I have done this every morning for the last three years and it holds me accountable for what I wish to accomplish that day.  This helps with willpower because it will help develop solid internal behaviors when it comes to getting things done.  Do you have a list of daily goals?
  • Plan appointments with yourself. These are different from goals, tasks, or “to-do’s” in the sense that these cannot be broken.  An appointment with yourself to exercise is a great example of something you cannot break.  Don’t miss it.  Just don’t.
  • Have an accountability partner. There is something very powerful about having an outside party keep tabs on your development.  It creates a sense of accountability that you would otherwise not have if you are tackling your life alone. Have a weekly call with them and give them updates on your progress.  Who is your accountability partner?

Did you know?  Coach Jim Johnson is still active in the basketball world.  Last week, he held a basketball clinic for local CYO coaches of grades 3-12 in Rochester, NY.

Life Tip# 37:  It takes 21 days to change a habit of moderate complexity


As someone who is heavily involved in the cause for raising awareness of autism, I am deeply saddened by the news story in upstate New York.  A young man (age 15) has been involved in an altercation, forcing him to quit the cross country team and make his life very difficult for him on a daily basis.  Here is the link for you to read the article:


Chase needs our help.  Below is the address for the school.  Please send your support and let’s help #GetChaseBackRunning

Corcoran High School, 919 Glenwood Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207

How do Leaders be Consistently Successful?

Are you being consistently successful?

As leaders, we must place most of our focus on being consistent with our actions.  Each day is a new opportunity to prove our ability to lead our team.  As we progress through the journey toward success, we must always remember to act as if we are on stage and act accordingly.  Below are a few tips I have compiled to help you stay consistent with your leadership actions.  Enjoy.

  • Confidence without ego. Believe in not only your abilities, but your teams’ abilities as well.  Never be above utilizing other people and their abilities to help your team achieve its’ goal.  Let your ego go and do what is best for the team.  Do you have an ego at times?
  • Develop and grow relationships. Your team members deserve to be treated as humans and not workers/players.  As you develop relationships with them, not only will their productivity increase, but their ability to give constructive feedback to help the team will be prevalent as well.
  • Always grow. Never be satisfied with what you already have accomplished.  Instead, look ahead to what is possible.  Celebrate your accomplishments, but never be content.  Continue to seek knowledge in your field.  What are you doing to consistently grow your mind?
  • Share your “why”. This is your mission.  Share it with your team and ask that they do the same.  What do you hope to accomplish?  Both individually and as a team.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson recently spoke at Addison Central Schools staff development day and delivered his leadership and dreams keynote?  Your school can be next!

““Jim Johnson shares an inspiring message that is truly a ‘feel good’ story.  As an educator and school counselor, I think it’s impossible to walk away without thinking about that one kid who you would like to give the opportunity of a lifetime.  Jim delivers his heartfelt story beautifully and with humor, without losing the sense of magic that happened that night.”   -Mary C. Clark- Addison Central Schools

Life Tip #106:  Develop willpower by making and keeping promises with yourself and others

Are You Thinking Big Enough?

How BIG are you thinking?

Sometimes, thinking big can have a tremendously positive affect on your life.  When you think big, you don’t think of coming up short or failing to achieve something.  You think of you biggest, most rewarding goal and stop at nothing until you achieve it.  Do you want to become a millionaire?  Do you want to be the CEO of your own company?  Well, there is no reason why those things can’t happen.  You just have to think big enough and work toward your lofty goals.

  • Write down a BHAG. What’s a BHAG?  It is a BIG Hair Audacious Goal.  If you don’t have one, I highly suggest you write one down and look at it or read it every day.  This will instill in your mind these big thoughts and soon enough, over time, allow you to view it as possible.
  • Use mental imagery. There is tremendous power in our thoughts and how they can drive results.  The next time you have a big presentation or are preparing for a big game, use imagery beforehand.  Picture yourself dominating and coming out victorious.  Chances are you will perform better if you picture yourself doing so first.
  • Study successful people. People who have achieved what you hope to in your lifetime have likely left clues about how to get there.  Read books, watch videos, research articles, and study what they have done to become rock stars.
  • Keep a curiosity mindset. Seek for ideas instead of dwell on problems.  If you have a growth mindset and focus on what you can control, you will become successful and achieve your BHAG.

Did You Know?  One of Coach Jim Johnson’s BHAGs was to meet Stephen Covey.  Years ago, after he passed away, CJJ got to speak at his annual Global Summit as a featured speaker and received a standing ovation for several minutes.

Life Tip #96:  Study the art of happiness

Where has the Respect Gone in Leadership?

Respect in Leadership

Respecting someone takes hard work and dedication to treat them better than how you wish to be treated.  As we go about our daily lives, it becomes critical to be respectful and help others succeed as well.  As leaders, we are expected to be role models for those around us, but as I watch events taking place in today’s world (presidential debates), I wonder, where has the respect gone in leadership?

  • Listen intently. You can’t actively and intelligently respond to someone until you listen to what they have to say.  Make eye contact and smile as you receive their message before you respond.  This will show them respect and make them feel obligated to do the same to you as you speak.
  • Create value for others. As you interact with someone, listen for opportunities to provide value to them and their cause.  Give them suggestions, offer to help or assist any way you can.  This creates an avenue of respect that will hopefully be reciprocated when you are in need of assistance in your life.
  • 24-hour rule. If someone reaches out to you via phone, text, email, or any other way, show them the respect of responding in a timely manner.  I like to abide by the 24-hour rule.  I will always do my best to respond to someone within 24 hours.  How many people do you owe a response to?

Did you know?  Coach Jim Johnson has an agreement to speak at the Rush Henrietta middle schools (Rochester, NY) to their student leadership teams in March 2017.  Let him know if your school could use some leadership guidance.

Life Tip #6:  Greet people with a firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile

Choosing the Right People for your Team

Are you picking the right people for your team?

When deciding on team members, how do you decide who is the best fit?  Is it the best overall talent or are you looking for specific characteristics that will fit best into your current collection of individuals?  Over the years, I have compiled some helpful tips on how to choose your team.  Below are some of my favorite things to focus on when putting together your team of all-stars.  Make sure you comment below on what I missed or tips you use.  Enjoy.

  • Great work ethic. Someone who has the drive to be the best is someone I want on my squad. This person will be able to develop into many different things with your guidance.  Do they have what it takes?  Do they have the intangibles?
  • Being coachable means having the ability to adapt to what is being asked of you.  This shows they are putting the team first and are willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the group.  Coach-ability is also one of the key factors of a growth mindset.
  • Find people that care. This seems simple, but it is crucial that you are able to find people that will have the same core values as the group.  Do they care about their own success or the success of the team?  They also must have a tremendous amount of care for the other team members.  Are you someone who cares about the group?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is speaking to staff members and students at Addison Central Schools.  He will be delivering his Goal Setting and Making Your Dreams Come True keynotes and looks forward to serving your organizations in the future.  Let him know how he can help.

Life Tip# 85:  Instead of competing with people, look to complete people

How do you Stay Motivated?

Who motivates the motivator?

With so much talk about motivation and how to stay focused on leading your team toward your collective goals, it can become easy to forget how to motivate yourself.  Some people like to engage in self-talk, or write motivational quotes on sticky notes.  Below are some of my personal favorites on how I like to stay motivated.  Enjoy.

  • Music – This will take your mind to another world and allow you to focus on what really matters. This will help get you “in the zone.”
  • Visualization – Closing your eyes and imagining yourself accomplishing great things will increase your chances of doing so. Stay motivated by visualizing yourself achieving your goals.
  • Write out your goals – Sticky notes, notepads, word documents, or good old
  • Exercise – This keeps my mind and body in tune. I also do most of my best thinking and planning while exercising (mostly while playing tennis).
  • Read – Reading is the best way to continuously grow your mind. Whatever you choose to read, do it consistently and do it while you are able to focus on the content.
  • Listen – Stay motivated by listening to what others have to say. Welcome feedback and take it into consideration as you make your next decision.
  • Talk to mentor­ – A mentor is someone who can help in ways you never imagined. Whether it’s an email a month or a phone call a day, talk to your mentor and bounce ideas off of them.  They will be able to guide you in directions that you never even considered.
  • Positive eating habits­ – Eat well and live well. These two things will help take your motivation to the next level.
  • Get appropriate rest – Sleep is crucial in feeding your mind and staying on top of your game.
  • Make lists­ – Seeing your goals written down on paper in list form makes them achievable and consumable.

Did you know?  Coach Jim Johnson has a brand new 10-minute video of his speaking engagement in North Dakota, which can be viewed on his Facebook and other social media accounts.  Check it out!

Life Tip #30:  Work harder on yourself than on your job

How do you Define Success?

What is your definition of success?

Many people define success differently.  Some of us equate it with money, while others look to develop strong relationships with others.  No matter how you define success, it is important you understand how to achieve it.  Below are some tips I have compiled for you on how to achieve your own version of success.  Enjoy.

  • Health, wealth, and relationships. These are the main three categories that success is measured.  Below are some examples in each category.  What three categories would you break down success in?
  • Set appointments with yourself to exercise regularly.  Treat it as a typical appointment throughout your day and do NOT miss it.  Once you start slacking on these personal appointments, it could leak into other aspects of your life.  When was your last exercise appointment you set with yourself?
  • Think of your biggest debt or burden in your life financially.  Pay off this debt as best you can.  You should also start your retirement account as early as you can.  What is your biggest financial debt you can start to pay off?
  • Take time to listen regularly to someone and help them with anything they need.  This will help you stay connected to those around you and achieve relationship success.  Who can you listen to on a regular basis?

Did You Know? Coach also does a goal-setting workshop that he executes all over the country.

Life Tip #35:   Use the CANEI (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement) formula

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