How to Establish Yourself as a Leader

Are you establishing yourself as a leader?

As an aspiring leader, you must do the legwork to establish yourself as such.  You may be born with certain qualities to help you become a leader, but you must put in the work to obtain that status.  How are you going to do that?  Here are a few tips for you to establish yourself as a well-respected leader to your peers:

  • Establish a unified vision among those whom you will be interacting with.  Put your team first in this vision and let everyone know you (and your team) are putting that vision above that of the individuals.
  • Build relationships. This is something you should start as soon as possible and continue as you develop throughout the leadership process.  It also helps to develop relationships outside of the work environment.  Laying the groundwork for a healthy relationship can go a long way when seeking to become a successful leader.
  • Set non-negotiables. Setting clear rules and regulations for everyone to follow is crucial when establishing yourself as a leader.  This will be how your team operates regularly as well as lay out any consequences for misbehavior or poor performance.  Holding everyone to the same standard will also have an extremely valuable unifying effect.  What are your non-negotiables?

The holiday season is upon us, which means basketball season is underway.  We have only three returning players from last year’s team, so this will be an exciting year.  Lastly, I was lucky enough to be in St. Louis last weekend for the Stan Musial Awards.  It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  Check out my Facebook for pictures!  Have a great day, everyone.

Life Tip #79: Learn from the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future

Selecting Your Team

Are you selecting your best team?

As team leaders, we are often faced with the decision of whom to include on our squad.  The process in which you go about this is crucial to the success you have as a leader or coach.  As a basketball coach for most of my life, I have put together some tips for you as you assemble your team for action.  Enjoy.

  • Focus on the best TEAM. While we are tempted to select those who possess the most talent, we must always stay focused on assembling the best team  From top to bottom, we must include those who will fill the necessary roles for ultimate success.  They must buy in to what you are trying to accomplish and the values of the greater good.
  • Who can you trust in action?  Who can get the job done without your direct instruction?  You must be able to trust your team members to carry out tasks and be leaders on their own.  These individuals must trust their teammates well enough to put the team over personal accolades.
  • For most things, you must do your due diligence and discover the necessary pieces of information to make an educated decision.  Choosing your team is no different.  Think about the roles you need to fill and find someone who can fill the void.  Research everything you need to feel confident about compiling the best pieces that fit together.

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How to Build Trust Within Your Team

Are you helping your team build trust?

Your team must learn to depend on one another both inside and outside the lines. As their leader, it is your job to get them have faith in each other in every situation. Here are a few tips I have for all leaders looking to help build trust within their team:

• Starts with you. Before you begin to help build trust within your team, you must focus on yourself and get your team to trust their leader. What are you all about? What are your values? How well do you live your life? These are the questions that you must answer before you begin to focus on your team.

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Be a Mentor to Improve your Communication Skills

There are many benefits to being a mentor; one of them being an improvement in your communication skills. Here are some ways that being a mentor can do just that:

Flexibility. Because you become so close with your mentee, you can try out different tactics and see how well they work. With a large group, you must have your tools refined and ready to go at the time of your interaction.

Personal level. This may seem basic, but your personal communication skills will improve dramatically. Interacting with your mentor on a personal level will allow you to improve your interpersonal skills at a significant rate. This will pay off for you in the end.

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