How do you Deliver Happiness?

When was the last time you delivered happiness?

Happiness is all around us and as a leader, it is our duty to deliver it to our teams.  We don’t have to place the burden of supplying happiness sole on ourselves, but it can nothing can bring a team together quite like joy.  Throughout my coaching career success and wins on the court play a large role in providing happiness to my team, but if you have the right game plan you can help deliver happiness at unexpected times.  Here are a few tips I have compiled to provide happiness for those around you.  Enjoy.

  • Establish core values. Write down your core values and express them to your team.  Once everyone is aware of these values, they can operate accordingly.  This will help set expectations on when success has been achieved.
  • Understand your mission. The mission of the team will come from you.  Living and delivering the “wow” factor should become your main priority.
  • Build relationships. The best way to do this is through effective communication and building trust with your team members.  Listen and welcome feedback.
  • Stay humble. There should be no place for arrogance on your team.  Happiness comes from enjoyment gained from accomplishments.  As the leader, you must promote confidence without becoming arrogant.
  • Pursue growth. The best time to do this is after significant accomplishments.  Raise the bar and promote continuous growth.  Always learn from your team and vice-versa.  Constant and never-ending improvements.  Have you “wowed” anyone today?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson and J-Mac are in Las Vegas this week at a Zappos autism awareness event.  Connect with them on social media and see how it went!

Life Tip #3:  Leave a profit everywhere you go.  Everything you touch turns to gold, not garbage.

How do you Handle the Pressure?

Can you handle the pressure?

March Madness is here and it got me thinking about how to handle pressure.  No matter what our day-to-day life consists of, we all deal with some form of pressure.  What are the best ways to deal with it?  How can we harness this pressure and use it for positive benefits?  I have compiled some tips on how to deal with the most pressure-filled situations and come out on top.  Make sure you let me know your thoughts and strategies as well.  Enjoy!

  • Embrace it. When you start to feel that nervous emotion stemming from external pressure forces, convince yourself that you are, in fact, excited.  It’s a positive spin on the internal emotions we experience.
  • Model the behavior. Your team will learn from you and your behaviors.  Try and stay cool in front of them even in the most tense situations.  Think Greg Popovich and Bill Belichick.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. You cannot overprepare.  Be confident as the team leader and your team will follow suit.
  • Stick to what you know. Stay basic if you have to, but never deviate from what you have prepared or studied.  Stay within yourself.
  • What do you see yourself accomplishing?  How does it feel?  Visualize your successes before they happen.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson delivered his leadership keynote in font of students and faculty at SUNY Brockport recently.  His 2017 is filling up, so reach out if you would like him to speak to your team!

Life Tip #77:   Six days of labor, one day of rest

100 Wins in a row and counting? What are you doing to stay Consistent?

How are you staying consistent?

In honor of the UConn women’s basketball team and their amazing 100 game win streak, I think it’s appropriate to chat this week about consistency.  As a basketball coach, staying consistent should be high on your list of priorities.  During my career, my teams had 23 consecutive seasons of .500 or better.  As I preached consistency, the players responded.  I learned many things in regards to being consistent.  Below are some tips I have compiled for you.  Let me know how you stay consistent in your daily routines.  Enjoy.

  • Understand your “why”. Your team must know their values and reasoning for competing.  As a unit, what is your “why”?  What makes you tick?
  • Consistently improve yourself. Before you seek to improve others, you must improve yourself.  Constant and never-ending Improvement (CANEI) is what I always strive for.  How do you consistently improve yourself?
  • Build trust. Consistency in building trust takes hard work.  Prove to your team that they can trust you will do what you say.  Lead by example and your team will follow.
  • Raise your standards. Play and operate to your own standards you set for yourself as a team.  Always think to yourself “how can we get better?” and you will consistently grow.
  • Seek feedback. Consistency is built upon feedback and help from others.  You can’t do it yourself and it always helps to welcome a second (or third) opinion.  When was the last time someone offered you their feedback?  How did you receive it?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson lead the Greece Athena boys basketball team to 14 straight final fours of their NY State Sectional tournament and the team this season has kept that streak alive, continuing their run with a semi-final game today.

Life Tip #25: Always lead by example

Are You Using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ Enough?

Do you use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’?

Growing up, our parents always preached manners and politeness.  Do you still have manners today?  In business and leadership, it can become crucial to use your manners and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to be more effective.  As we interact with those around us, we must show our respect.  Below are some tips I have compiled on how to use our manners and be upstanding individuals.  Enjoy.

  • Consistently use ‘please’. With strangers, friends, co-workers.  They all deserve to be treated with respect.  Do this consistently, so it becomes second nature.  Whenever you ask for something, attaching a ‘please’ to your request can go a long way.  Do you consistently say ‘please’?
  • Thank immediately. This is the best way to show appreciation toward someone.  As soon as someone does something nice for you, make sure you reciprocate and show your appreciation by saying ‘thank you.’
  • Show it in different ways. Use your words, notes, letters, texts, emails, etc.  There are many ways to show your appreciation toward someone.  No matter who it is, if they deserve your thanks and praise, give it to them.  It becomes a nice added touch that they will remember for a long time.  How do you show your thanks?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson spoke in front of 230 meeting planners and professionals last week at the National Speaking Showcase in Minneapolis, MN.  His 2017 calendar is filling up quick!

Life Tip #45:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Have you thought about Leaving a Legacy?

What will your legacy be?

As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and what we wish to accomplish.  How do you wish to be remembered?  What will your legacy say about your life?  These types of questions must be at the forefront of your mind each and every day.  It is crucial that you carry yourself in the highest manner as often as possible.  Recently, I was asked about my thoughts on my former team (Greece Athena High School, Rochester, NY) and their 7-1 hot start.  I have thus compiled some tips to help you leave a legacy worth remembering.  Enjoy.

  • Develop a leadership philosophy. Live with the philosophy that everything I touch turns to gold.  This will rub off on others and they will be ready to lead when you are gone.  What is your leadership philosophy?
  • Be a role model. Set a high standard for yourself as well as your team and expect to live up to those standards.  Once you have achieved your goals, raise these standards and set new goals.  Always seek to grow and develop ways to strive forward consistently.
  • Train and develop leaders. Prepare others to take over once you are gone.  This will allow your program or organization to not miss a beat.
  • Have a succession plan. Once you are gone, who will take over?  What will the new regime look like?  How will it operate?  It is important to have these items taken care of while you are still involved.

Life Tip #65: You should always look to add value to others

What do you do to Show Appreciation?

How do you show appreciation?

Appreciation can be shown any number of ways.  As a leader, it is important to give back and thank those who work hard for you every day.  Your team must know they are appreciated and their efforts do not go unnoticed.  Throughout my many years of coaching and being a role model, I have compiled some ways I consistently showed my appreciation.  Make sure you look through them and let me know your favorites.  Enjoy.

  • Create a family atmosphere. This is a special method I used to become a little more personal with my team.  I would send birthday cards and provide written congratulations if they accomplished something great outside of basketball.
  • Send out personalized notes. In today’s day and age, it is very easy to send out some sort of congratulations via text, email, social media, etc.  Give the extra effort when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Reward your values. If you emphasize getting in early, make sure you recognize those who arrive 30 minutes early.  Whatever you preach as your core values, make sure you look out for those who are demonstrating it.  What are you values?
  • Celebrate success. At gatherings, practice, or meetings.  Make sure you are taking some time to celebrate the success of your team throughout the year as well.  Working hard is great, but make sure they are recognized for it as well.
  • Outside events. The more you can surprise your team with random events/activities the better.  Take them to the movies, play games at unelected times, and surprise them with new things.  This will create a fun atmosphere where everyone wants to participate.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is speaking to the girls varsity basketball team at Churchville-Chili High School in early December.

Life Tip #8:  Treat people better than how you want to be treated

How do you use Adversity to your Advantage?

When is the last time you faced adversity?

Adversity presents itself to us throughout our daily lives very frequently.  There is nothing we can do about it except embrace it and attempt to use it to our advantage.  Think back to when the last time was that something unexpected happened that may have thrown off your plans to achieve something.  Did you harness the adversity and grow from the experience?  Or did you crumble under the stress of something going off-script?  Here are some tips for you to turn adversity into a positive experience.  Enjoy.

  • Use it as motivation. Improving yourself is never easier than when experiencing adversity.  It forces you to make quick decisions and think in a different manner than if everything was going according to plan.  Learn from the adversity and embrace the change.
  • Adopt a ‘never give up’ mindset. This will force your brain to never shut down and always keep fighting.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.  When is the last time you did “whatever it takes” to achieve something?
  • Build confidence. Small accomplishments can add up to an extremely productive day, week, or month.  As long as you form daily habits that will help give you the sense of accomplishment needed, you will be able to stay confident as a person.  How do you build confidence?
  • Continue to search. Growing your mind is something you should never stop doing.  Search for new ideas and learn how to make improvements on your life.
  • Surround yourself with great people. Success attracts success and after a while, the people you surround yourself with will start to rub off on you.  Who do you surround yourself with?  Are they helping or hindering you?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is going to James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Bootcamp in a few weeks.

Life Tip #79:  Learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future

What is your Leadership Philosophy?

How do you lead?

As leaders, we all should have our own unique philosophy.  How should we lead those around us?  Should we be strict and not cut corners?  Should we be laid back and promote fun and happiness?  There are many choices you will have to make on this leadership journey, but here are some tips to consider when establishing your philosophy.  Enjoy.

  • Lead yourself first. What do you value?  Make sure you establish trust and confidence in yourself before anything else.  You must be clear about your mission and values to your team.  Prioritize them and live your life as consistently as possible.
  • Develop your own philosophy. We can read books and watch videos about others and their philosophy styles, but it’s extremely important that you establish your own style.  Make it unique and relevant to the group you are leading.  My leadership philosophy: Everything I touch turns to gold.  What’s yours?
  • Lead by example. Have a plan and execute it through your actions.  Always imagine you are on stage and act accordingly.  Be prepared at all times and expect the same from your team.  When was the last time you lead by example?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson speaks to other local groups around Rochester, NY.  Last week he spoke to a group of Boy Scout leaders and helped them lead their troops.

I was a great honor to host Coach Johnson one evening to speak to several of our life-long Boy Scout volunteer leaders who serve hundreds of youth in Lighthouse District within Seneca Waterways Council, in Upstate, NY… Coach Johnson – a very inspiring leader who engages the audience with thought provoking questions to reflect ourselves in the direction of our lives.

– Jonathan Seiler, Lighthouse District Executive, Seneca Waterways Council, Boy Scouts of America –

Life Tip #40: Add more disciplines to your life to become a more attractive person

How do Leaders be Consistently Successful?

Are you being consistently successful?

As leaders, we must place most of our focus on being consistent with our actions.  Each day is a new opportunity to prove our ability to lead our team.  As we progress through the journey toward success, we must always remember to act as if we are on stage and act accordingly.  Below are a few tips I have compiled to help you stay consistent with your leadership actions.  Enjoy.

  • Confidence without ego. Believe in not only your abilities, but your teams’ abilities as well.  Never be above utilizing other people and their abilities to help your team achieve its’ goal.  Let your ego go and do what is best for the team.  Do you have an ego at times?
  • Develop and grow relationships. Your team members deserve to be treated as humans and not workers/players.  As you develop relationships with them, not only will their productivity increase, but their ability to give constructive feedback to help the team will be prevalent as well.
  • Always grow. Never be satisfied with what you already have accomplished.  Instead, look ahead to what is possible.  Celebrate your accomplishments, but never be content.  Continue to seek knowledge in your field.  What are you doing to consistently grow your mind?
  • Share your “why”. This is your mission.  Share it with your team and ask that they do the same.  What do you hope to accomplish?  Both individually and as a team.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson recently spoke at Addison Central Schools staff development day and delivered his leadership and dreams keynote?  Your school can be next!

““Jim Johnson shares an inspiring message that is truly a ‘feel good’ story.  As an educator and school counselor, I think it’s impossible to walk away without thinking about that one kid who you would like to give the opportunity of a lifetime.  Jim delivers his heartfelt story beautifully and with humor, without losing the sense of magic that happened that night.”   -Mary C. Clark- Addison Central Schools

Life Tip #106:  Develop willpower by making and keeping promises with yourself and others

Are You Thinking Big Enough?

How BIG are you thinking?

Sometimes, thinking big can have a tremendously positive affect on your life.  When you think big, you don’t think of coming up short or failing to achieve something.  You think of you biggest, most rewarding goal and stop at nothing until you achieve it.  Do you want to become a millionaire?  Do you want to be the CEO of your own company?  Well, there is no reason why those things can’t happen.  You just have to think big enough and work toward your lofty goals.

  • Write down a BHAG. What’s a BHAG?  It is a BIG Hair Audacious Goal.  If you don’t have one, I highly suggest you write one down and look at it or read it every day.  This will instill in your mind these big thoughts and soon enough, over time, allow you to view it as possible.
  • Use mental imagery. There is tremendous power in our thoughts and how they can drive results.  The next time you have a big presentation or are preparing for a big game, use imagery beforehand.  Picture yourself dominating and coming out victorious.  Chances are you will perform better if you picture yourself doing so first.
  • Study successful people. People who have achieved what you hope to in your lifetime have likely left clues about how to get there.  Read books, watch videos, research articles, and study what they have done to become rock stars.
  • Keep a curiosity mindset. Seek for ideas instead of dwell on problems.  If you have a growth mindset and focus on what you can control, you will become successful and achieve your BHAG.

Did You Know?  One of Coach Jim Johnson’s BHAGs was to meet Stephen Covey.  Years ago, after he passed away, CJJ got to speak at his annual Global Summit as a featured speaker and received a standing ovation for several minutes.

Life Tip #96:  Study the art of happiness

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