Goal Setting

How are your New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

Are you still following your New Year’s resolutions?

For many of us, a New Year’s resolution lasts a couple weeks, maybe a couple months.  Why is this?  Why do we lose motivation?  Where does the lack of interest come from?  For those of you who are diligently following these routines and achieving your goals, bravo!  For the rest of you, here are some tips to get back on track with those pesky goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.  Enjoy.

  • Be clear. If you are setting a resolution or goal for yourself, make sure it’s very clear and specific.  Vagueness may be easy and attractive, but the more specific you are, the harder you will work.  Trust me.
  • Look in the mirror. Each day, wake up and look in the mirror.  I recommend reciting two simple phrases to start each day; “I am responsible” and “I like myself.”  Are you responsible for your actions?  Do you like yourself as a person?
  • Motivate yourself. Find ways to motivate yourself with music, rewards, checkpoints, or whatever you have to do to create self-motivation.
  • Practice the five second rule. Whenever you are faced with a quick daily decision (i.e. getting out of bed, what to wear, etc.) make it in five seconds or less.  This creates urgency in your routine and trains you to be decisive.
  • Set and keep appointments with yourself. Are you supposed to workout today?  Treat it like an appointment you would have at work.  It’s very important to not let yourself start to slide.  Are you keeping appointments with yourself?
  • Find an accountability partner. Or create your own mastermind group.  Including others in your goals can be very helpful.
  • Do it for someone else. If you struggle to be self-motivation, keep a picture of your kids on your desk or focus on someone else and do it for them.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson supports a local autism awareness group in Rochester, NY (AutismUp) and he will be speaking at their Lights Up Gala on Saturday, April 29th.  You can show your support and make a donation at autismup.org.

Life Tip #55:  Write your goals down on paper with positive affirmation

How to Overcome Negative Procrastination

How do you overcome procrastination?

Each day, we are faced with tasks and items that need to be done.  Procrastination can sprout up at any moment and convince us it’s okay to wait or not perform the task at all.  There are some rare forms of positive procrastination, but for the most part, it’s an ugly characteristic that must be dealt with.  I have learned some tips and tricks over the years on how to deal with this unwelcomed train of thought.  Let me know how you deal with it as well!  Enjoy.

  • Create energy. In your life, there will be many opportunities for you to sleep in or be lazy.  I have found if you exercise regularly and eat well, you will have more positive energy to avoid procrastination.  Going to sleep at a decent hour helps as well.  Develop inner energy for yourself.  How do you create energy for yourself?
  • Setup daily disciplines. Whether it’s when (or how) you brush your teeth, eating breakfast regularly, or how you get dressed, you must develop daily disciplines.  This will help you feel accountable for all your actions.
  • MVPs every night. These are your “Most Valuable Priorities” that will help prioritize what’s truly important to get done.  Recognizing the true aspects of your life that need attention is a step in the right direction to kick your procrastination habits.
  • Bunch activities. Be efficient and do multiple things at once.  Bunching your activities together will help free up time to continue on your path toward success.  How do you multi-task each day?
  • Reward yourself. Each time you accomplish something or find yourself being productive, it’s okay to treat yourself as a reward.  This will create a sense of positivity in your brain that procrastination is not an option.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is re-releasing his Anniversary version of his book on March 1st?  It has been 11 years since the J-Mac game and he is still sharing his story with others.

Life Tip #34:  Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

What Does Your Perfect Team Look Like?

How do you build your Team?

Last week, I shared part 1 of my how to build a great team series.  This week, I continue my TTEAMM acronym and give you the second three crucial aspects of a perfect squad.  While we all want to win and be successful, sometimes we overlook the key aspects of building a successful group of people.  Here are a few more tips to focus on when searching for perfection.  Enjoy.

  • As you may have heard, attitudes are contagious.  We must find people for our team with an attitudes that match the overall goals of the group.  If someone has a poor attitude, it can infect the group as a whole.  How can they handle good and bad situations that arise?  Make sure your team is filled with positive attitudes that stop at nothing until the job is done.
  • What is your teams’ why?  Find people who will be able to align with the goals and values of the whole.  Be very clear and carve out roles for each individual.  This will help establish boundaries as well as optimize the efficiency while attempting to accomplish certain tasks.  What is your why?
  • Mental toughness. Having team members who don’t get too high or too low is crucial to your success.  Being mentally tough takes more than just being thick-skinned.  Your team must learn to deal with adversity and success alike.  Do you have what it takes?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson’s former boys basketball team at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, NY is currently 15-2, lead by his former assistant coach.

Life Tip #66:  You can’t live a perfect day without doing something nice for someone who can’t pay you back.

What are the Ingredients of a Great Team?

How do you make a great TTEAMM?

A great team is something that can be built.  With the right ingredients and development, any group of people can come together for the betterment of everyone and form a strong unit.  This week, I give you the first three letters (T, T, and E) of my TTEAMM acronym with the focus on building a great team.  As you read them, think to yourself; What is a great team really made of.  Enjoy.

  • In order to have a great team, they must trust one another.  Trust must be earned and awarded at all times.  The instant trust goes away, marks the beginning of the end.  Trust each other, trust leadership, and trust the process.  It can take a while for trust to be built, so stay patient.
  • You must have a unified common goal amongst your squad, bringing everyone together for a sole purpose.  I always liked to take my players out for dinner outside of the court.  These little activities can go a long way in building a team atmosphere.  How do you get your team to stay together?
  • Those who have drive and passion should have a spot on your team.  They know what it takes to be successful and don’t stop until goals are achieved.  It is crucial to stay upbeat and focused throughout the journey.  How is your enthusiasm?

Did You Know?  In honor of the 11-year anniversary of the J-Mac game, Coach Jim Johnson and J-Mac are speaking at a local school in Rochester and also giving a basketball clinic to 6th-graders.

Life Tip #65:  You should always look to add value to others

Have you thought about Leaving a Legacy?

What will your legacy be?

As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and what we wish to accomplish.  How do you wish to be remembered?  What will your legacy say about your life?  These types of questions must be at the forefront of your mind each and every day.  It is crucial that you carry yourself in the highest manner as often as possible.  Recently, I was asked about my thoughts on my former team (Greece Athena High School, Rochester, NY) and their 7-1 hot start.  I have thus compiled some tips to help you leave a legacy worth remembering.  Enjoy.

  • Develop a leadership philosophy. Live with the philosophy that everything I touch turns to gold.  This will rub off on others and they will be ready to lead when you are gone.  What is your leadership philosophy?
  • Be a role model. Set a high standard for yourself as well as your team and expect to live up to those standards.  Once you have achieved your goals, raise these standards and set new goals.  Always seek to grow and develop ways to strive forward consistently.
  • Train and develop leaders. Prepare others to take over once you are gone.  This will allow your program or organization to not miss a beat.
  • Have a succession plan. Once you are gone, who will take over?  What will the new regime look like?  How will it operate?  It is important to have these items taken care of while you are still involved.

Life Tip #65: You should always look to add value to others

Do you Have a Financial Independence Plan?

What is your financial independence plan?

In order to achieve financial independence and wealth, much like anything else, we must have a plan to get there.  In my younger years (teens and 20’s), I did not see the value in saving or starting a retirement account.  I wish I had.  Starting your retirement account 5-10 years sooner can result in a significant amount of money when you retire.  Below are some other financial tips for you to include in your financial plan.  Enjoy.

  • Set a financial goal. What do you wish to earn?  What do you wish to have when you retire? What percentage should you invest?  All of this is specific to you and your life, so make sure you set your goals sooner rather than later.
  • Pay down your debt. Student loans, car loans, and even your mortgage can burden you for a long time.  Make sure when you come into some extra cash, you pay down these debts as it will save you much more in the long run.
  • Seek ways to increase income. Whether it’s at your current job or your dream job, find ways to increase your value and ultimately, increase your pay.  Don’t settle for your current situation.  Maybe start a side job to earn extra income.  Live the lifestyle you can afford.  How can you increase your income?
  • Seek advice. Your parents, coworkers, or even other friends can be a great resource of information and advice for you.  Make sure you utilize their knowledge to create your own plan.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson was a late bloomer when it comes to investing and saving.  He didn’t start a retirement account until he was 33 years old.  It’s never too late to start!

Life Tip #4:  Pay yourself first, make it a high priority to start a retirement account

2017: How can you Create Positive Change in your Life?

Are you creating positive change?

Now that the new year is here and 2017 brings nothing but hope and wonder, how are you creating positive change for your future?  In this week’s #CJJblog I am going to give you a few tips to help ensure your future is bright.  Below are some thoughts I had, but be sure to let me know if I missed anything.  How are you preparing for your future?  Enjoy.

  • Develop a morning routine. This will start your day on a positive note and set the tone for the entire day.  Eat a good breakfast, exercise, or read 30 minutes every morning.  Do this consistently and you will find yourself having more productive days more often than not.  What do you do in the morning to get your day started on the right foot?
  • Organize your life. Whether it’s your car, your office, or your home, get it organized as soon as possible.  The feeling you get after cleaning or organizing something meaningful to you is unlike any other.  Positive actions lead to positive thoughts, which ultimately leads to positive action.
  • Write down your goals daily. Start with your top 3 list of goals, then expand outward.  If you do this on a daily basis, you will soon end up with a master list of your top 10 goals, where you can focus on what really matters to you.
  • Create/join a mastermind group. There are endless benefits to surrounding yourself with like-minded productive individuals who share your goals and values.  A mastermind group will also help to serve as an accountability partner, whom you do not wish to disappoint.  Do you have a mastermind group you can talk to?
  • Change one habit. Whether it’s eating poorly, smoking, or exercising regularly, I challenge you to make one improvement on a bad habit you are trying to break.  Make positive change in your life and positive outcomes will soon follow.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be attending the National Speakers Bureau Showcase in Minneapolis, MN on January 12th.

Life Tip #29:  In decision making, always ask yourself “If I make this decision, then what?”

What is Your Favorite Book?

Do you have a favorite book?

Reading is one of the best ways to grow your mind.  In order to do so, you must do it consistently and strategically.  Depending on where you’re at in your life, it is wise to read books according to what area you wish to improve your professional life.  Me personal library consists of 2,000+ hard copy books as well as a significant number of audio books.  I can grab a book at any time and grow my mind.  I have accumulated some favorites over the years.  I highly recommend reading them.  Enjoy.

  • The Season of Life (Jeffrey Marx). This book helped me develop my coaching philosophy and develop my coaching career at a very high level.  Looking for a real-life story to relate to?  This is the book for you.
  • The Last Lecture (Randy Pausch). I learned some serious life lessons in this book.  It goes in depth bout how to achieve your childhood dreams and really helped me specify what direction I wanted to take my life.
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey). This is one of many Covey books I have read.  I consider his work to be life-changing and a must for anyone seeking to be efficient and a valued member of society.
  • The Carolina Way (Dean Smith). This book was instrumental in teaching me the proper ways to build relationships with people.  If you are looking to improve your ability to communicate with those around you, look no further than this book form the legendary basketball coach.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. on Leadership (Donald Phillips). I considered MLK to be the most admired American figure and this book helped me become a much more effective leader.  Who do you admire?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson spoke at the Franklin Covey Summit three years ago and got a standing ovation for his story and work.

Life Tip #42:  What books are you reading?  Take a speed-reading class to read more quickly

Are You Reading Enough?

How often do you read?

One of the best ways to grow your mind is to simply read on a consistent basis.  Success can be defined as “a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”  On that notion, we should be reading every day on a consistent basis in order to become successful.  We can learn from our peers, role models, and those who have accomplished exactly what we are striving to do.  I make an effort to read at least 6o minutes every day.  Do you?

  • Tips for reading. Start your day reading something.  End your day reading something.  This will allow your brain to gather information at critical times each day.  Learning to read faster and more comprehensively will also help enhance your reading experience.  As long as you do it on a consistent basis, you will develop a habit to crave knowledge.
  • Why read? If you read for an hour per day consistently, you will be an expert in that field in 5-7 years, which will make you more valuable.  Reading will cause you to be inspired and take action on what you are passionate about.  Reading also takes your mind to other places and allows you to dream. When is the last time you were lost in a book?  Reading consistently will increase your vocabulary and overall understanding of the English language, which could help you become more knowledgeable at work and ultimately lead to a higher position.  Why do you read?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be re-releasing the anniversary edition of his book in February.

“I invited Coach Johnson to talk to my team at the beginning of the season.  It was a phenomenal experience.  Coach is dynamic and motivating.  He helped our team come closer together as a team.  He had 10 high school students engaged!  He is awesome!”

-Todd Esposito, Girls Varsity BBall Coach, Churchville-Chili H.S.-

Life Tip #43:  Leaders are readers

How do you use Adversity to your Advantage?

When is the last time you faced adversity?

Adversity presents itself to us throughout our daily lives very frequently.  There is nothing we can do about it except embrace it and attempt to use it to our advantage.  Think back to when the last time was that something unexpected happened that may have thrown off your plans to achieve something.  Did you harness the adversity and grow from the experience?  Or did you crumble under the stress of something going off-script?  Here are some tips for you to turn adversity into a positive experience.  Enjoy.

  • Use it as motivation. Improving yourself is never easier than when experiencing adversity.  It forces you to make quick decisions and think in a different manner than if everything was going according to plan.  Learn from the adversity and embrace the change.
  • Adopt a ‘never give up’ mindset. This will force your brain to never shut down and always keep fighting.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.  When is the last time you did “whatever it takes” to achieve something?
  • Build confidence. Small accomplishments can add up to an extremely productive day, week, or month.  As long as you form daily habits that will help give you the sense of accomplishment needed, you will be able to stay confident as a person.  How do you build confidence?
  • Continue to search. Growing your mind is something you should never stop doing.  Search for new ideas and learn how to make improvements on your life.
  • Surround yourself with great people. Success attracts success and after a while, the people you surround yourself with will start to rub off on you.  Who do you surround yourself with?  Are they helping or hindering you?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is going to James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Bootcamp in a few weeks.

Life Tip #79:  Learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future

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