It’s Autism Awareness Month — Do you Support a Cause?

What cause can you get behind?

April is Autism Awareness Month and ever since the J-Mac game 11 years ago, I have been very passionate about supporting the autism movement and spreading awareness through AutismUp, a local organization here in Rochester, NY.  Do you have a cause that you are passionate about?  I strongly suggest that you find a cause and become passionate about helping out any way you can.  If you are searching for a cause to get behind (which I strongly suggest), here are some tips to help you out.  Enjoy.

  • Find something you are passionate about. For me, my heart was touched after the J-Mac game in 2006.  Autism soon became something that I had a personal connection to and my passion followed shortly after.  What are you passionate about?
  • What fits your purpose?  This is very similar to asking a business about their mission.  What is your purpose in life?  Is there a cause remotely close to what you would define as your purpose?  The closer the cause is aligned with your life purpose, the more personal joy it will bring you.
  • Support your family and friends. If you are struggling to find something you feel really passionate about, ask your friends and family members.  They might be able to point you in the right direction or bring you along to a fundraiser/event and transform their passion on to you.  Sharing your passion can be very powerful.
  • Share with others. Once you have your cause chosen and you get behind it, make sure you share it with others.  Not only can they help support, but it will help spread the word and awareness as well.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson and J-Mac are attending a Zappos Autism Awareness event in Las Vegas next week.

Life Tip #84:  Leave a legacy by leaving the world a better place by how you live your life

What did we Learn from the Super Bowl?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

As a former coach, I typically view games through a very unique lens.  While most might be watching for the excitement and thrills of the game, I am watching for teachable moments.  Things we can learn from moving forward.  While watching the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history last week, I picked up on a few things.  Here are three things that I learned from Super Bowl LI.  Enjoy.

  • Power of perseverance. The Patriots were down 28-3 in the second half of the biggest game of their lives.  In any sport, that is normally an insurmountable deficit to overcome.  They stuck to their game plan and persevered through unlikely odds to come out victorious.
  • Sticking together in adversity. Some might say the definition of adversity is being down 28-3.  The Patriots could have folded, but they stuck together and remained calm as a team.  Had they panicked, there would have been zero chance for a comeback for the ages.
  • Failure to adapt. The Falcons, on the other hand, did not do a great job at adapting to the flow and style of the game.  Had they done a better job playing with the lead and recognizing their situational surroundings, they could have been in the winners’ circle.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is re-releasing his anniversary version of his book in honor of the 11-year anniversary (February 15th) of the J-Mac game on March 1st.

Life Tip #32:  The harder you work, the luckier you get

2017: How can you Create Positive Change in your Life?

Are you creating positive change?

Now that the new year is here and 2017 brings nothing but hope and wonder, how are you creating positive change for your future?  In this week’s #CJJblog I am going to give you a few tips to help ensure your future is bright.  Below are some thoughts I had, but be sure to let me know if I missed anything.  How are you preparing for your future?  Enjoy.

  • Develop a morning routine. This will start your day on a positive note and set the tone for the entire day.  Eat a good breakfast, exercise, or read 30 minutes every morning.  Do this consistently and you will find yourself having more productive days more often than not.  What do you do in the morning to get your day started on the right foot?
  • Organize your life. Whether it’s your car, your office, or your home, get it organized as soon as possible.  The feeling you get after cleaning or organizing something meaningful to you is unlike any other.  Positive actions lead to positive thoughts, which ultimately leads to positive action.
  • Write down your goals daily. Start with your top 3 list of goals, then expand outward.  If you do this on a daily basis, you will soon end up with a master list of your top 10 goals, where you can focus on what really matters to you.
  • Create/join a mastermind group. There are endless benefits to surrounding yourself with like-minded productive individuals who share your goals and values.  A mastermind group will also help to serve as an accountability partner, whom you do not wish to disappoint.  Do you have a mastermind group you can talk to?
  • Change one habit. Whether it’s eating poorly, smoking, or exercising regularly, I challenge you to make one improvement on a bad habit you are trying to break.  Make positive change in your life and positive outcomes will soon follow.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be attending the National Speakers Bureau Showcase in Minneapolis, MN on January 12th.

Life Tip #29:  In decision making, always ask yourself “If I make this decision, then what?”

Are You Learning From the Past?

What are you learning from the past?

We all have a past that we can learn from. It is extremely important that we learn from our experiences as opposed to dwell on it. There are many things we can identify as learning experiences. This week, I have compiled some tips on how we can use our past to set us up for a successful future. Enjoy.

  • Respond to negative outcomes. For me, I was cut from my college basketball team after try-outs did not go well. I was unable to bounce back from this and allowed it to affect my personal/school life. Later in my career, I was let go from my first coaching job after a 1-18 season. I was then able to learn from that experience to go on and have a successful coaching career. The difference in these two situations? My own personal outlook.
  • Respond to positive outcomes. During the J-Mac senior season (2006), we won the sectional title. I was able to keep the kids focused in the years to come and not be satisfied. We ended up winning multiple sectional titles in the following years.
  • Reflect on the past. After an event happens in your life, make sure you reflect on it and learn moving forward.  What am I doing right?  What could I have done differently?  What did I learn and how can I improve?

Did You Know?  Coach attended the James Malinchak speaker boot camp and was called on stage while the audience was shown the J-Mac video and story.  A great experience last week!

Life Tip #17:  Attend seminars, workshops, conferences, and clinics to increase your knowledge in your field


Are You Thinking Big Enough?

How BIG are you thinking?

Sometimes, thinking big can have a tremendously positive affect on your life.  When you think big, you don’t think of coming up short or failing to achieve something.  You think of you biggest, most rewarding goal and stop at nothing until you achieve it.  Do you want to become a millionaire?  Do you want to be the CEO of your own company?  Well, there is no reason why those things can’t happen.  You just have to think big enough and work toward your lofty goals.

  • Write down a BHAG. What’s a BHAG?  It is a BIG Hair Audacious Goal.  If you don’t have one, I highly suggest you write one down and look at it or read it every day.  This will instill in your mind these big thoughts and soon enough, over time, allow you to view it as possible.
  • Use mental imagery. There is tremendous power in our thoughts and how they can drive results.  The next time you have a big presentation or are preparing for a big game, use imagery beforehand.  Picture yourself dominating and coming out victorious.  Chances are you will perform better if you picture yourself doing so first.
  • Study successful people. People who have achieved what you hope to in your lifetime have likely left clues about how to get there.  Read books, watch videos, research articles, and study what they have done to become rock stars.
  • Keep a curiosity mindset. Seek for ideas instead of dwell on problems.  If you have a growth mindset and focus on what you can control, you will become successful and achieve your BHAG.

Did You Know?  One of Coach Jim Johnson’s BHAGs was to meet Stephen Covey.  Years ago, after he passed away, CJJ got to speak at his annual Global Summit as a featured speaker and received a standing ovation for several minutes.

Life Tip #96:  Study the art of happiness

Choosing the Right People for your Team

Are you picking the right people for your team?

When deciding on team members, how do you decide who is the best fit?  Is it the best overall talent or are you looking for specific characteristics that will fit best into your current collection of individuals?  Over the years, I have compiled some helpful tips on how to choose your team.  Below are some of my favorite things to focus on when putting together your team of all-stars.  Make sure you comment below on what I missed or tips you use.  Enjoy.

  • Great work ethic. Someone who has the drive to be the best is someone I want on my squad. This person will be able to develop into many different things with your guidance.  Do they have what it takes?  Do they have the intangibles?
  • Being coachable means having the ability to adapt to what is being asked of you.  This shows they are putting the team first and are willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the group.  Coach-ability is also one of the key factors of a growth mindset.
  • Find people that care. This seems simple, but it is crucial that you are able to find people that will have the same core values as the group.  Do they care about their own success or the success of the team?  They also must have a tremendous amount of care for the other team members.  Are you someone who cares about the group?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is speaking to staff members and students at Addison Central Schools.  He will be delivering his Goal Setting and Making Your Dreams Come True keynotes and looks forward to serving your organizations in the future.  Let him know how he can help.

Life Tip# 85:  Instead of competing with people, look to complete people

Five Tips to Build a Championship Team

How are you building a championship team?

Championship teams don’t form overnight.  It takes years of focus and dedication to get the most out of your squad.  If you ever read about Coach K and his philosophy on building a championship team, you will likely read about his “fist” mentality.  He explains that each of his five players are a finger and to have the greatest impact, each member of the team must come together to form a tightly closed fist.  Unified in every aspect and working alongside one another for the same purpose.  In this week’s #CJJblog I will give you my top 5 tips to creating a championship team.  Enjoy.

  • Understand your “why” team mission. What is your team all about?  What do you hope to achieve together?  Get feedback from your team and create a purpose for your team.  This will help unify everyone’s thoughts toward one overlying goal.
  • Have team goals. What are your team goals for this season? Unify them and develop these goals with the intension of getting everyone on the same page.
  • Understand your players’ individual goals. What do your players hope to achieve individually?  Make sure you ask them and set goals for them on an individual level.  This will help develop a new level of trust, as they will appreciate your level of care for their personal goals.
  • Have team/captain’s meetings. I hold my captain’s meetings on a weekly basis, which helps get the current vibe of the team.  Your captain’s will stay alert and vigilant to what’s going on with the team as a whole and communicate that info onto you.
  • Have an annual theme. What is the best theme for your current group of players?  Having themes form year-to-year will help identify each team or graduating class.  Create a slogan or phrase to repeat throughout the season.

Did You Know?: Coach Jim Johnson speaks to athletic teams as well as sales and business teams across the country.

“Every member of our sales team walked out of Coach’s speech ready to attack their challenges and overcome any obstacles they may encounter.”

-Dave Carvajal, VP, The ladders-

“Our sales team walked away with the message of Coach’s ‘6 Keys of Leadership.’  He truly achieved creating a transformational experience of the magic of passion, perseverance, and the power of teamwork.”

-Kent Walrack, President of Lyons Magnus-

Life Tip #83:  Be a team Builder

National Speakers Association Conference – Grow Yourself

What are you doing to grow yourself?

Over the past week, I was able to attend the National Speakers Association annual conference in Phoenix, AZ and catch up with many old friends.  I was also able to grow my mind and business while learning from the world’s best in their industry.  Since the summer is the best time to recharge your batteries and grow your mind, I was extremely happy to be able to do that at the conference.  Here are some of the things I got to do while there.  Enjoy.

  • See old friends. With this being my 8th year attending the conference, there were quite a bit of professionals that I was excited to see again.  It’s always good to see them and get updates on how their lives are going.  The NSA conference is a wonderful place to catch up with old friends and listen to their keynotes.  Where is your favorite place to meet old friends?
  • Meet new people. The best part about meeting new people is getting to know their story and learning from them.  This conference is a great place to do exactly that.  Where is your favorite place to meet new people?
  • Attend workshops. The whole week is filled with speakers, workshops, and information that is crucial for you to soak in.  The Jason Hewlett speaking engagement was fantastic as well as the sports celebrity workshop.  The conference is truly a wonderful experience and I cherish every moment I am there.

Testimonial: Simply put, Coach Jim Johnson’s talk was riveting.  Bar none, he gave the most inspiring and educational speech I have heard in my 30-year educational career.  His message is certainly one you will want your kids to hear.   Rick Amundson – Former Super Intendent at Lyons Central Schools

Did You Know? – Coach Jim Johnson does opening day keynotes for central school districts across the nation to motivate staff members and students for the upcoming school year.

Life Tip #17:  Attend seminars, conferences, and clinics to improve your knowledge in your field

Mental Part of the Game (Part 2)

How do you prepare your mind for competition?

Our mind is equally as important as our bodies to be ready for competition.  Last week, I gave you a few tips to keep your mind sharp while preparing for battle.  This week, I continue that trend and give you a few more.  Make sure to pick out at least one and execute it the next time you find yourself in preparation for competition.  Enjoy.

  • Meditation can be a very powerful tool for your mind to relax.  You can listen to music, motivational speakers, or nothing at all.  You must be relaxed prior to competition.  This will also help you to think positive thoughts, as opposed to being stressed out and worrying about the worst possible outcome.  How do you prefer to relax?
  • Sit quietly. Especially in today’s world with all the unnecessary noise, you must find time to simply sit peacefully by yourself with your own thoughts and your own voice.  This is a great way to control your own mind and not let anyone else contaminate it with negativity.  A common way to grow your mind while sitting quietly is to mindstorm ways to accomplish your biggest goal you seek to accomplish.  I challenge you to write down TEN way you can accomplish your most desired goal.  Will you execute?

Summer is here and many of us now have a little more free time on our hands.  Make use of this free time and grow your mind.  As we make our way through 2016, I want you to ask yourself “How am I making the most of my life?”  This question will drive you to accomplish great things throughout your life.  Have a great week, everyone!

Life Tip #34: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

The Mental Aspect of the Game

How do you handle the mental aspect of sports?

It can be argued that the mental aspect of sports is just as, if not more important than the physical. We must keep our mind sharp to stay ahead of our competition.  However, it seems that some of us spend so much time on getting our bodies in shape, we forget to keep our minds in shape as well.  This week in the #CJJblog I start a two-part series on how to keep our minds sharp.

  • Imagery. In order to get into the right mindset, you must envision yourself being successful. Convince your brain and your mind that whatever you wish to achieve is attainable and picture yourself accomplishing it. Close your eyes and actually picture it. The sights, the sounds, the smells, everything. Once you do this, you increase your chances of success immensely. When is the last time you closed your eyes and used imagery to get into the right mindset?
  • Self-talk. You should always be conscious of what you are telling yourself. Are you a positive thinker or a negative one? When a challenge comes up, do you tell yourself you are going to fail or succeed? The thoughts you tell yourself are the first step toward the result. Say things to yourself like “I can do it” or “I like myself.” These positive thoughts will turn into reality if done consistently and properly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and enjoys their time with family and friends. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know and I will be happy to assist.  Until our next #CJJblog, make sure you fill your mind with positivity and successful thoughts.

Life Tip #88: Failure is an event, not a person

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