How Important is Customer Service?

How do you handle customers?

In any organization, customer service should be priority number one when striving for success.  Giving the customer a great experience can not only go a long way for your company brand, but also increase sales in the long run as well.  In light of the United Airlines incident (I had my own while traveling last week), I decided to make this weeks’ #CJJblog about customer service.  What are your best and worst experiences regarding customer service?  I bet you remember the poor experience more vividly.  Enjoy some tips on how to improve your customer service.

  • Knowing your “why”. Give your employees some clarity on what matters to the company.  Is it providing a positive work environment?  Is it focusing on the technological growth of your software?  Provide some clarity, so there is no confusion regarding your core values.
  • Be truthful. Even during tough times (and there will be tough times), you must always be truthful with customers and provide service to them that meets the expectations you set.  It’s always better to over-deliver instead of over-promise.
  • Be reliable. Do what you say for the customer and stand behind your words.  They mean something.  The customer must count on you to contribute to them having a great experience with your company.
  • Go the extra mile. Many employees provide the bare minimum effort with a negative attitude.  Find a way to motivate your employees to go the extra mile and work their butts off for you and for the company.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be speaking on Sunday in Bismarck, ND at an FCCLA event at North Dakota State University to a group of student leaders.

Life Tip #27:  There are no traffic jams on the extra mile

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