What Out Clients Say About Coach Johnson

Through the years, Coach’s presentations have left an impression on many audiences.  After he speaks to your audience, we look forward to adding your testimonial to those below. 


Coach Johnson is a powerful communicator and delivered an incredibly inspiring message to my organization.  He brings a wonderful mix of humor, poignancy and life experience that resonates and uplifts. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear him!
Shawn D. Moon, Executive Vice President

Coach Johnson came and shared his inspirational story with our whole team of 225 employees and moved us to tears. Anybody who has seen the video of the game can’t help but be inspired by it. But what we found even more engaging about Coach Johnson’s presentation was “the story behind the story.” I can recommend him to any group as a speaker.
     Marc Cenedella,CEO & Founder,
The Ladders

I think it’s a great story — to follow your dream, follow your goals and never ever quit. It’s a great story for people of my age, people of any age.
Dick Vitale,
     ESPN Basketball Commentator and Basketball Hall of Famer

Your Convocation speech on August 18th certainly exceeded our expectations. Addressing the staff members of three districts at one sitting can be challenging, but the delivery of your message was perfect! Teachers and administrators from all three districts made numerous comments about your presentation on “Dreams Really Do Come True”. They were highly complementary and appreciated your willingness to share your personal feelings about the many experiences you have encountered during your career.

As educators, we face many challenges every day. The fact that you were a successful teacher facing such challenges gave you a great deal of credibility with the audience. It was so heartwarming to learn about your relationship with J-Mac. After all, it is those types of relationships that allow students to reach their highest potential. I hope that you continue to share your special story with educators throughout the country.
Dr. Lani Randall,
     Superintendent, Port Neches-Groves ISD

Jim gave him that opportunity. You do the right thing like that, you may change a life forever.
John Calipari
     Head Basketball Coach, University of Kentucky Wildcats

Back in September we were honored to have Coach Jim Johnson give a keynote speech at our yearly convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Coach Johnson was nothing but pleasant from the time that we picked him up at the airport to the time that we dropped him off.

On top of being an all around great guy, Coach Johnson inspired and motivated people to believe in themselves and have the courage to not give up on their dreams. From the first sentence to his closing remarks Coach Johnson had the audience in a trance.

It really was amazing to see someone capture an audience of 4,000 and have them transitioning from crying to laughter in an instant.We were very pleased with his performance and how he handled himself on and off the stage. In our eyes Coach Johnson’s speech added a missing link that we feel reached out to people in a way that we were unable to.

In closing, we in no way regret having Coach Jim Johnson speak at our event and would recommend him to anyone that is looking to motivate and inspire their group.
     Jeff Higginson,
     Senior VP, Agel Americas

I was in Lake Placid when the Americans beat the Soviets in 1980, I saw Kirk Gibson’s home run in 1988, I saw the Red Sox come back on the Yankees in ’04, I saw the ball roll through Bill Buckner’s legs in 1986. I wish I had been there to watch Jason in person. That was one I missed.
     Mike Lupica,
     New York Daily News columnist and ESPN commentator

Jim’s story proves that if we as humans will strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity, that we can truly make a difference in their lives.  Every person, young or old, can take a piece of Jim’s story and apply it to their personal situation, giving hope and meaning to the fact that “DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!
     Tim McMullen
     Letchworth Central School Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach


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