How to Overcome Negative Procrastination

How do you overcome procrastination?

Each day, we are faced with tasks and items that need to be done.  Procrastination can sprout up at any moment and convince us it’s okay to wait or not perform the task at all.  There are some rare forms of positive procrastination, but for the most part, it’s an ugly characteristic that must be dealt with.  I have learned some tips and tricks over the years on how to deal with this unwelcomed train of thought.  Let me know how you deal with it as well!  Enjoy.

  • Create energy. In your life, there will be many opportunities for you to sleep in or be lazy.  I have found if you exercise regularly and eat well, you will have more positive energy to avoid procrastination.  Going to sleep at a decent hour helps as well.  Develop inner energy for yourself.  How do you create energy for yourself?
  • Setup daily disciplines. Whether it’s when (or how) you brush your teeth, eating breakfast regularly, or how you get dressed, you must develop daily disciplines.  This will help you feel accountable for all your actions.
  • MVPs every night. These are your “Most Valuable Priorities” that will help prioritize what’s truly important to get done.  Recognizing the true aspects of your life that need attention is a step in the right direction to kick your procrastination habits.
  • Bunch activities. Be efficient and do multiple things at once.  Bunching your activities together will help free up time to continue on your path toward success.  How do you multi-task each day?
  • Reward yourself. Each time you accomplish something or find yourself being productive, it’s okay to treat yourself as a reward.  This will create a sense of positivity in your brain that procrastination is not an option.

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Life Tip #34:  Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Setting and Achieving your Goals

How are you planning and executing your goals?

We all create goals for ourselves, sometimes on a daily basis. How do you go about following through with these goals?  This #CJJblog is going to discuss how to deal with these goals that enter our lives.  What percentage of your goals do you complete in full and on time?  My goal is to help increase that percentage with some tips I have learned throughout my professional career.  Enjoy.

  • When you think it, ink it. There is something very powerful about putting thoughts and goals on to paper. When you write something down, it then becomes ten times more likely to come to fruition. What’s the last goal you’ve written down?
  • Post your goals. Make them visible to you and have them somewhere visible to you every day. Post them on your mirrors, ceilings, or your desk at work. Read them three times per day and say to yourself I am responsible.
  • Create stretch goals. Creating a goal that may seem unreachable is a great way to stretch your limits. Make it a study to educate yourself on what you are trying to accomplish. This will expand your mind and force yourself to be creative with how you meet your goals.
  • 20-idea method. After you have established your goals, write down twenty ideas that answer the question “How will I achieve this goal?” Brainstorming ideas can help you think outside the box.
  • Get support for your goals. Find others that you can count on to hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Notify them of what you hope to accomplish and keep them updated on your journey. Who are you relying on for support?

As a professional speaker, I travel a lot. Last week, I was in New York City and South Carolina speaking about goals and making your dreams come true.  I hope you have a great week and never stop trying to make your dreams come true.

Life Tip #37: It takes 21 days to change a habit of moderate complexity

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