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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

2019 National Speakers Association Service Award

Have you received an award recently?

The National Speakers Association annual Cavett Robert service award this year was given to Phil Van Hooser.  I wanted to take the opportunity to both congratulate Phil, and ask you “what are you doing to be a better leader?”  Phil is most deserving of this award for many reasons.  In the #CJJblog this week, I will tell you why I feel he was a great choice for this award, and challenge you to become a better servant leader.  Enjoy.

  • Every time I meet Phil at NSA conferences, he always brings positivity.  His selflessness is refreshing and he makes you feel like the most important person in the room.
  • Phil always treats others with respect.  He is also very respected within the NSA community.  Are you well-respected in your industry?
  • His interpersonal skills are impeccable.  Eye contact and attentiveness are always on point.  Communicating with others can be difficult for some, but for Phil, it is not.  How well do you communicate with others?
  • He is not a taker in any situation.  He looks to serve others first and lead others to success.  The essence of the Service Award is how well do you serve others, and Phil is the perfect embodiment of that notion.
  • Family man. Any time you hear Phil speak, he is talking about his wife and kids.  He gives them credit for his accomplishments and claims he would not be where he is today without them.  Are you widely considered to be a family-first person?
  • Love for NSA. He is an avid provider for the association as well.  Phil loves the NSA and gets others to support it as well.
  • Phil has the uncanny ability to connect people with someone who can advance their careers.  How often do you make mutually beneficial introductions for others?
  • When I think of someone with integrity, I think of Phil Van Hooser.  Congrats, Phil!

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be delivering his Leadership Keynote to grad students at SUNY Brockport on September 5th

Life Tip #8:  Treat people better than you expect to be treated

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