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A baker’s dozen of “Don’ts” in leadership

What are some mistakes you have made as a leader?

When it comes to being a leader, we all have made mistakes.  It’s very important that we bounce back and recognize where we can improve upon our actions.  Just as important as the best practices and success stories, it’s equally as important for us to understand what not to do.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you a baker’s dozen of the Don’ts in Leadership.  Enjoy.

  • Wrong reason. Are you a leader for the wrong reasons?  Why were you appointed the leader of the group?  Make sure you are there because you want to be.
  • Lack of clarity. Does your team know what is expected of them?  Make sure your team mission and vision are clearly communicated to your team members.
  • Lack of understanding. Make sure people understand (and fit into) your values.  Does your team understand how to be successful?
  • Lack of commitment. Is every member of your team committed to the same goal?  Make sure you are building a team culture that allows for everyone to thrive.
  • Lack of goals. Are you a goal-setter or a goal-follower?  As a leader, make sure your team has a clear view of their goals for both the team and them individually.
  • Ineffective meetings. Be efficient and respectful of others’ time.  How do you go about holding effective meetings?
  • No consistent feedback. Develop a system to consistently give and receive feedback from your team.
  • Not embracing diversity. Allow people on your team to think and act freely.  This will allow them to embrace one another.
  • Actions not matching words. Do you do what you say and say what you do?  Make sure you are leading by example.
  • Stop growing. Are you consistently growing yourself as a leader?  You will then stop growing your team as well.
  • No trust system. If your team struggles with trusting each other, maybe it’s coming form their leader.
  • Under communicating. Make sure everything is on the table.
  • Arrogant know-it-all. Don’t be this person.  Take feedback in and use it to get better.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is hosting a webinar on August 12th @ 11am EST.  His guest will be international educator and global leader, Dr. Rehnuma Karim, Ph.D. and the topics of discussion will include: Embracing diversity, Building a successful team culture, and Maintaining a successful team.  You can register HERE.

Life Tip #25: Always lead by example

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