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A boy, a ball, and a dream

Do you have a dream?

Ever since he was a young boy, Anthony Lamb had a dream to play Division 1 basketball.  Today, he is a senior at the University of Vermont, a star on their basketball team, and on the verge of earning the opportunity to play basketball professionally after his graduation (possibly in the NBA). How did he get there?  How has he grown over the years?  As his high school basketball coach at Greece Athena in Rochester, NY, I wanted to dedicate this #CJJblog to his journey and what makes him such a special young man. Enjoy.

  •  Anthony communicated his dream to me when he was a freshman.  Since then, every decision, every workout, and every day has been lived with this dream in mind.  It’s great to see him living it out and making it a reality.
  •  His drive to be excellent is unmatched.  He wakes up each day wanting to be better than he was yesterday.  From his freshman to sophomore year, he lost 30 lbs to improve his skill set.  Do you have the drive to be great?
  • Raised standards. Anthony always raises his personal standards, no matter his accomplishments.  Even though he was the NYS Section V Player of the Year, he took his game to another level his senior year.  Do your standards need to be raised for yourself?
  • Lead by example. For four years, Anthony was the best player on the team, but also the hardest worker.  A very special combination that leads to great things.  His teammates always look to his actions for guidance, not just his words.
  • Whether it’s spending time with fans in the stands after a game, or going above and beyond for a teammate, Anthony always demonstrates a level or care that I have never seen in all my years of coaching.  Do you truly care about others?
  • En route to his dream, many hurdles presented themselves, but he did not let that deter him.  He found a way to let adversity fuel him to greatness.  How does adversity affect you?
  • Self- Anthony knows who he is as a person as well as a basketball player.  One of the greatest attributes you can have is the ability to know how to put yourself in the best situation possible.  Who should you surround yourself with?  Where should you work?  Master this and you are well on your way toward success.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson has developed a new keynote, which discusses how to build a successful team and delivering a powerful presentation.  He recently delivered this new keynote to students at his former High School, Greece Athena.

Life Tip #22:  Be happy, but don’t be satisfied


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