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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

A tribute to my wife

Do you have someone special in your life?

As you know from last week, I dedicated the #CJJblog to my father and everything I have learned from him over the years.  This week, I wanted to continue the appreciation trend and sing the praises of my wife.  Below are the nine most important things she has taught me in our (nearly) 40 years of marriage.  I like to think I’ve made great strides, but if you ask her, she would say I still have a long way to go!  Enjoy.

  • Planning.  My wife is the ultimate planner.  Scheduling, details, and lists are all things she can master in her sleep.  Whether it’s a vacation or trip to the grocery store, she dominates.
  • Problem solver.  She is a true believer that any problem can be solved.  Somehow, she stays calm under pressure and analyzes all aspect of the issue.  I, on the other hand, can get a little more emotional and lose control.
  • Early riser.  My wife not only is an early riser, but she is also a fitness queen.  I was a little late to the game early on in our marriage but have been on her level for the last 25 years with exercise and waking up early.
  • Loyalty.  My wife is extremely loyal to our family and friends.  She always has cards, gifts, and nice messages ready to go for birthdays and milestones of our loved ones.
  • Love.  Unconditional love is something my wife excels at.  She is consistently great to both me and our son.  She certainly leads by example when it comes to showing she cares.
  • Punctuality.  This is one of the things she has taught me that I actually have excelled at.  Whether it’s for a meeting, event, class, etc. we are both consistently punctual (early).
  • Issues.  She has shown me the value of talking through interpersonal conflict early and not letting it fester.  She is fantastic with managing relationships, not only with me, but others as well.
  • Cleanliness.  Every space is not only extraordinarily clean, but also very well-organized as well.  Her office, car, our house, etc. is immaculate.  I’m still working on this one!
  • Observing.  It’s a rare thing to see someone so aware of their surroundings.  Situational awareness is something I’ve learned from her since day one.

Did You Know?  Coach was featured this week on “The Emerging Entrepreneur” with Rick Whiting.  You can check it out HERE.

Life Tip #80:  Set standards for yourself higher than anyone else would.

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