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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Are you studying your craft?

What is stopping you from becoming an expert?

How close are you to becoming an expert in your craft?  Are you putting in the work necessary?  Studying your craft is something that you can do daily, but many of us can’t find the time.  After attending the National Speakers Association annual conference in Denver last week, I learned a lot about studying your craft and becoming someone looks to for advice.  In the #CJJblog this week I wanted to share some of what I learned.  Enjoy.

  • Seek out the best. Find the best people in your industry and study them.  The best think differently and are a well of wisdom.  Who can you seek out for guidance?
  • Formula for success. The formula for success is Effort x (Direction + Connection).  Are you putting in the proper effort?
  • Story-telling. To be a great story-teller, remember VAKS (Visuals, Audios, Kinesthetics, and Smells).  The most powerful people in the world are more than likely also great story-tellers.
  • Who are you? Always be clear about who you are and recognize who you are not.  Stay focused on who you are and stay true to yourself.
  • Reach out. To previous clients and ask them If you were to refer me to someone, what would you say?  If they give a vague response, they may not be your best advocate.
  • Promise statement. Do you have one?  Share it with your clients and go above and beyond what you are promising to them.
  • Rules of reciprocity. As you study your craft, always make sure to reciprocate actions.  When someone thanks you for your assistance, respond with “I’m sure if the roles were reversed, you would do the same for me.”
  • Find a reason to smile. Be authentic in your facial expressions and when in a conversation with someone, find a reason to show those pearly whites.
  • Of your words.  Instead of using insipid words like “stuff, things, and bunch,” use words like “you, us, and we.”  Cleaning up your spacer words and eliminating unnecessary words can go a long way when establishing credibility.
  • The genesis of disruption is dissatisfaction.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be speaking at the Rochester Professional Consultants Network (RPCN) event on August 23rd.  Check it out and register HERE

Life Tip #17:  Attend seminars, conferences, and clinics to become an expert in your field.

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