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Are your 2019 goals high enough?

How can you extend your goals this year?

With the new year well underway, we need to start re-assessing our goals we set for ourselves.  Are you on your way to achieving these goals?  It’s always important to have checkpoints throughout the year to gauge our progress.  Stretch goals are important because often times, we don’t know our true greatness until we push ourselves.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some tips on how you can set more challenging goals for yourself in 2019.  Enjoy.

  • Mindset.  How is your mindset?  Is it positive?  Try to think to yourself on a daily basis, “If I am alive, I have more to accomplish.”
  • Passion.  No matter your age, always seek to keep finding new passions.  These can be casual hobbies, or even new careers.  Find things you are passionate about and set new goals.  Do you have a relatively new passion?
  • Read.  Inspirational stories and examples of others accomplishing greatness can be a great source of motivation.  Have you read about any true success stories lately?
  • Accountability partner.  Get someone to support and challenge you.  Competition is great, too.  Do you have an accountability partner?
  • Widen achievement box.  Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can achieve.  Extend your limits to levels you never thought you could go.  Put these goals in writing and act on them each day.
  • Be special.  Do what’s right at all times and don’t follow the crowd.
  • Find a cause.  Finding something bigger than you to believe in and fight for can be extremely rewarding.  Do you have a cause you believe in?

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