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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How to become a Go-Giver

Are you a go-giver?

We have all heard of the term “go-getter,” but have you thought of ever being a “go-giver?”  In business, you must give before you get.  I challenge you to set more giving goals in 2018 and become more valuable to those around you.  Seek to be more open to helping others achieve greatness.  Good things come to those who give.  This week’s #CJJblog I want to give you some tips on how to become a more giving person.  Enjoy.

  • New goals. The new year is always a time to set new goals for yourself.  Be better than you were last year by being a better giver.  Set attainable goals for you to measure your generosity toward others.  What goals will you have in the new year?
  • At the end of each day, you should write down what you are thankful for.  Record your thoughts in an organized manner and how you were a go-giver that day.  Do you have a daily journal?
  • Find your cause. Get behind a cause and give back.  I support AutismUp and Homestead for Hope.  Find something you believe in and use your giving back to make a difference.  What’s your cause?
  • Be selfless. In a world where everyone is taking and thinking of themselves, it is important to stand out by being selfless.  When was the last time you gave something to someone and didn’t expect anything in return?
  • Adopt giving mindset. A mindset change can affect how you live your daily life.  When life hands you lemons, seek to make lemonade for others.
  • Greet others properly. Shake their hand, smile, and make eye contact.  It seems simple, but giving someone respect during a greeting can go a long way.

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Life Tip #1: Make each day your masterpiece

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