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Book Recommendations: July 2022

What powerful books have you read recently?

As many of you know, I am avid reader.  In the #CJJblog this week, I wanted to share 12 books I have read in the last 3 months.  Just a reminder, that I do a book recommendation on my social media every Wednesday.  Make sure to check them out!  I would love to hear some recommendations of any books that you believe I should read as well. Enjoy.

1) Sustain Your Game: by Alan Stein, Jr.  This is Alan’s second book. His first was Raise Your Game.  Alan does excellent research on how you can overcome stress and burnout to keep growing and be the best you can be.  Alan is also a wonderful keynote speaker and will be a guest on our podcast later this month.

2) Becoming the Change: by Dan Wolfe.  Dan is an educational leader in Florida.  He shares five essential elements needed to become the best version of yourself.  I highly recommend you take the test within the book as well, which will help your self-awareness.  Dan is also going to be a guest on our podcast in July.

3) Believe It: by Jamie Kern Lima.  Jamie and her husband were the founders of It Cosmetics which was sold for over $1 Billion dollars.  Jamie shares the trials and tribulations of building a successful business.  A very inspiring read!

4) The Power of One More: by Ed Mylett.  I liked this book so much that I wrote an entire Blog on it last week.  The author also has an awesome podcast (The Ed Mylett Show Max-Out).

5) Life Force: by Tony Robbins.  If you are interested in improving your health, this is the book for you.  Tony co-writes with two medical doctors and it has cutting edge info to improve your health.

6) The Three Laws of Performance: by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan.  This incredible book includes very interesting research and ideas to improve your performance.

7) Graduating From Google: by Linda El Awar.  Linda shares wonderful leadership ideas and stories from her time working at Google.

8) Sooley: by John Grisham.  I usually don’t read fiction, but my dad recommended I read it.  This novel was a very inspiring story with a very traumatic ending.

9) Exactly How to Sell: by Phil M. Jones.  The author shares some wonderful ideas to improve your selling ability. He includes great stories and illustrations as well.

10) Navigating the Pandemic: by Teresa Schreiber Werth.  A compilation of many inspiring stories of how people handled the pandemic.  It touches your heart and gives you great perspective!

11) The 5am Club: by Robin Sharma.  I am a big fan of Robin’s work and this is a wonderful fable with great life lessons about starting your day off the right way!

12) Awkwardly Awesome: by Jason W. Freeman.  I had the pleasure of being part of a virtual seminar with Jason.  This is a great read that illustrates how Jason overcame his life’s challenges.  J-Mac and I will be guests on Jason’s podcast later this month. Will share the link when it comes available.

Did You know?  Check out the most recent Limitless Leadership Lounge podcast episode HERE, talking about the upcoming Global Leadership Summit in August.

Life Tip: #43: Effective Leaders are Readers!

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