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Book Review – The Power to Change by: Craig Groeschel

Have you read any inspiring books lately?

As many of you know, I am an avid reader.  Recently, I read “The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits that Matter Most” by: Craig Groeschel and loved every word of it.  If you are a religious person, or someone who is searching for the belief that change is possible, this book is for you.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you my thoughts and takeaways.  Let’s jump right in.

  • Questions. Important questions to ask yourself as you start your journey for change: 1) What do I value?, 2) Who am I?, 3) What kind of situation is this?, and 4) What would someone like me do in this situation?
    • To change what you do, first change what you think of yourself.
    • If you try and change your behavior without changing your habits, you will struggle.
  • Training, not trying.  How do you train yourself to be a productive person?
    • Define what winning is to you – Until winning is defined, you cannot do what you want.
    • You will start to win when you stop trying, and start training.
    • Winners don’t try, they train.  You can consistently achieve your goals when you train.
    • Discipline is having the ability to choose what you want most over what you want now
  • Habits, not hope.  Don’t hope for the best, make the best happen.
    • Want to change where you are?  Change your habits.
    • Success is not an accident.
    • The small things nobody sees lead to the results everyone sees.
    • How are habits established?  1) Questions, 2) Cravings, 3) Response, and 4) Reward.
    • Here are five things to help you build good habits: 1) Make it obvious, 2) Make it attractive, 3) Make it easy, 4) Make it communal, and 5) Make it repetitious.
  • Sowing, not reaping.  Successful people aren’t lucky, they are consistent.
    • Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.
    • Your goal should be progress, not perfection.
    • Most times, you reap more than you sow.
  • God’s power, not will power.  Willpower fatigues like a muscle and has limitations to it’s effectiveness.  Whereas God’s power has no limitations and can be channeled at any time, especially through prayer.

Did You Know?  Want more from Craig?  Check out his podcast HERE.

Life Tip #37:  Studies show it takes 66 days to change a habit of moderate complexity.

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