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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

What books are you reading in 2018?

What books are on your list?

With the turn of the new year, I wanted to share some books on leadership and personal development you should read.  These books have helped change my life and I hope they have the same effect for you.  What are your favorite books on leadership? 

1) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen Covey

2) The Success Principles: Jack Canfield

3) The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: John Maxwell

4) Wooden on Leadership: With Steve Jamison

5) The Carolina Way: Dean Smith + Gerald Bell

6) The One Minute Manager: Ken Blanchard + Spencer Johnson

7) The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch

8) Season of Life: Jeffrey Marx

9) The Power of Positive Thinking: Norman Vincent Peale

10) Over The Top: Zig Ziglar

11) Martin Luther King Jr. on Leadership: Donald Phillips

12) High Performing Habits: Brendon Burchard

13) Grit: Angela Duckworth

14) Leaders Eat Last: Simon Sinek

15) Start With Why: Simon Sinek

16) Delivering Happiness: Tony Hsieh

17) The Trust Edge: David Horsager

18) Tools of Titans: Tim Ferris

19) Mindset: Carol Dweck

20) The Talent Code: Daniel Coyle

21) The 8th Habit: Stephen Covey

22) Tuesdays With More: Mitch Album

23) Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch: Kit Allowitz

24) Greatness The 16 Characteristics of True Champions: Don Yaeger

25) Stuff: Good Players Should Know: Dick DeVenzio


Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is giving his first professional leadership talk on January 10th in Chicago, IL at Walsh Construction


Life Tip #42: Take a speed reading course and read more

Life Tip #43: Leaders are readers

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