Business Made Simple – Why you should read it

Have you read any great books lately?

Over the past 12 months, I have really picked up my reading frequency and make more of an effort to do it consistently every day.  I recently finished the book Business Made Simple by: Donald Miller and highly recommend it to anyone looking to become more efficient and productive.  There are ten sections in the book that he discusses, but in the #CJJblog this week, I give you my feedback and thoughts on section 1, Leadership.  Enjoy.

  • Value driven leaders. Great leaders are obsessed with people the best returns on their investment.  Are you a value-driven leader?
  • Successful leaders. Have a strong aversion to seeing themselves as a victim.
  • Effective leaders. Can deescalate drama very well and keep their cool under pressure.
  • Outstanding leaders. Consider feedback form others as a gift. It’s important you seek feedback and welcome it as you aim to become a better leader.
  • The best leaders know the best way to engage and handle conflict.  Not letting a volatile situation get out of is a tremendous skill to learn.
  • True value-driven leaders are seeking to become respected and trusted, as opposed to being liked by all.  Do you try to become best friends with your team members?
  • Effective leaders are biased toward action.  Always trying to act on something as opposed to discussing it.
  • Avoid confusion. Great leaders are very decisive, immediately know what’s right, and take action.
  • Effective leaders are relentlessly optimistic.  They believe in their actions and if they continue to do the right things, everything will work out in their favor.
  • Growth mindset. Outstanding leaders always adopt the growth mindset and seek to improve their skillset.
  • Great leaders are always clear about their mission.
  • Effective leaders are aware of the key characteristics needed when choosing their team members.

Did You Know?  You can also get the additional 60 videos in 60 days for FREE from Donald Miller HERE.

Life Tip #65:  You should always look to add value to people.

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