Can we cut Sean McDermott some slack?

Do you think Sean McDermott should be fired?

In a world where sports careers are made or broken in very short amounts of time, being an NFL head coach is no different.  The Buffalo Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, has been receiving a lot of grief for the teams’ recent lack of success, but does he deserve some slack?  In the #CJJblog this week, I’m here to tell you yes.  They made the playoffs last year, but 2018 has been a different story.  Here’s why you should think twice about calling for the firing of Sean McDermott.  Enjoy.

  • Purpose. He has his purpose figured out for the organization.  More importantly, he has the team and players buying in as well.  Do you agree with the vision and direction of the Bills?
  • Bills values. The organization (and coach McDermott) have identified what their team values are and have gotten the rest of the staff on board.  What are the values of your company? 
  • Making the right moves. A lot of people will criticize the departure of Tyrod Taylor, but I view it as a healthy way the Bills moved on.  In my opinion, he is an average quarterback who would have never lead the Bills and McDermott to a Super Bowl.  Yes, they will now have to experience a year or two of tough seasons, but it was a great decision in the long run.  What do you think of the Tyrod departure?
  • Brain, not heart. McDermott thinks, he doesn’t feel.  Anyone who makes emotional decisions should not be an NFL head coach.  This is also how his staff analyzes talent.
  • Lead by example. He controls his emotions and expects the same from his players on the field.  McDermott doesn’t point fingers either.  Do you lead by example?
  • Trust takes time. It takes time to establish full levels of trust with others.  Give him some time and let him earn your trust through victories and success.
  • Players are attracted to Buffalo and the culture McDermott has created.  I believe that patience will pay off and the Bills will be back in the AFC playoff picture soon enough.

Did You Know? Coach Jim Johnson will be delivering his leadership keynote to the Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES to the Superintendents next week

Life Tip #83: Be a team builder.  Develop a process and stick to it.


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