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Can you believe Djokovic won the French Open?

What makes you a winner?

Novak Djokovic won the French Open last weekend, and it was one of his most impressive victories of his career.  Having been a basketball coach for three decades, I have studied winning quite a bit.  What makes Djokovic such a phenomenal winner?  In the #CJJblog this week, I take a look at his career and why I believe he has become one of the greatest tennis players of all time.  Enjoy.

  • Relentless.  Novak Djokovic has that never give up mindset.  This most recent major tournament victory was the first since 1949 where the champion had two separate matches where they lost the first two sets.  Do you possess that level of relentlessness?
  • No excuses. If you know anything about tennis, you know that Rafael Nadal is the king of the clay court.  The French Open is played on clay and Djokovic had to face Nadal in the Semifinals – not the finals.  No excuses were made and he came out on top.
  • Contrarian.  You will oftentimes see Djokovic go soft on his first serve and hard on his second serve.  He is also notorious for surprising his opponents with a well-timed drop shot at the net.  Do you follow norms?
  • Crunch time. There are times during a match where he will lock in mentally and not miss a return shot.  It is one of the most mesmerizing thing to witness because it’s a thing of beauty.  How do you perform when the stakes are the highest?
  • Focus.  He handles adversity as well as anyone and is never out of a match because of his ability to focus on each point.
  • Drive.  He continuously improves his game and has the drive to still be one of the best in his sport, even at the age of 34.  How is your drive to be the best?
  • Mental.  He uses imagery to picture himself having success and winning each match.  How often do you use imagery?
  • Student of the game. He has one of the best teams and coaches around him to be well-prepared for each match.  He can also make tremendous adjustments during the match, depending on what he is seeing as it unfolds.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will deliver his first live professional speaking presentation to students and faculty in over a year at Hilton Middle School in Rochester, NY on June 23rd and 24th.

Life Tip #3:  Leave a profit everywhere you go.  Everything you touch turns to gold, not garbage.

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