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How are you creating a WOW factor for your customers?

Do you consistently ‘wow’ your customers? In today’s world where nearly everything can be automated and electronic, it’s easy to overlook your customers and not give them the necessary attention.  After attending the Zappos event a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas, I gained a new found knowledge on the importance of putting those you …

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Are you thriving or surviving?

How do you make sure you’re thriving? The difference between thriving and surviving is consistency.  How do you stay consistent with your daily disciplines?  For me, I like to have daily routines that create a sense of accomplishment and allow me to thrive in everything that I do.  Creating a sense of relentless positivity can …

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Leadership Series

How are you becoming a better leader? Becoming a better leader requires an abnormal amount of effort. Consistent, relentless effort is what it takes to become an outstanding leader.  This week in my #CJJblog leadership series, we continue to talk about how to become a better leader and how we can improve every day.  Below …

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3 Things Successful People Do

How successful are you? I recently completed a wonderful book written by John C. Maxwell, entitled 3 Things Successful People Do.  While there was some fantastic information inside, it got me thinking about myself and my life.  Am I doing things that are on par with what the truly successful people do?  Am I living …

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