Are you adapting?

As we progress through time and our environment changes so frequently, it’s always important to adapt to what’s going on around us. Make an effort to be open to new thoughts, practices, and methods that may alter how you go about your daily life.  If you fail to adapt to the ever-changing society we live in, you will fall behind and hurt your chances at achieving success.  Here are some tips on how to adapt with the changes.  Enjoy.

  • Accept it. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Change is apparent in nearly every aspect of life. Technology is advancing at such a rate that we cannot stop it. We must simply join the party and hop on the wave. Get your mindset right. Are you accepting the changing world or fighting it?
  • Learn it. Research the features of the change. Whether it’s in technology or the way people live, you must obtain the necessary information to make a decision. Learn about your industry and what makes others successful. What are you currently doing to feed your brain?
  • Assess your options. What works best for you and your team? Just because technology is changing how we operate, doesn’t mean that it should completely dictate your business. Take a look at your options and make the best decision for your team. This will make your team better and ultimately stay focused on your vision.

Last week was a bittersweet ending to an absolutely fantastic coaching career. We lost in the NY State sectional final, but I will always be proud of my team for sticking together and becoming a family.  I will update you all further as I close out my coaching career and gravitate toward becoming a full-time professional speaker.  Have a great week, everyone!

Life Tip #104: Develop an hour of power

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