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Coach’s Notepad: Global Leadership Summit 2021 (Part 1)

Have you attended any conferences recently?

While the pandemic has changed the way people gather together, we can still attend conferences in a safe way either virtually or socially distanced.  Last week, I attended the Global Leadership Summit for the 5th year in a row and it did not disappoint.  The key to these leadership summits or conferences is to appreciate each speaker for their unique perspective and story.  In the #CJJblog over the next two weeks, I give you my biggest takeaways from 15 speakers and what I learned from them.  The first eight will be this week, while the rest of the 15 will be next week.  A lot of great stuff here, this is only about half oy my notes! Enjoy.

  • Main Idea. In leadership, you must focus on two things: 1) When the leader gets better, everybody wins, and 2) As a leader, develop a common leadership language.
  • Craig Groesche (host). Leaders must embrace PUK (Pain, Uncertainty, and Chaos).  The enemy of success is comfort and complacency.  There is no pain like leadership pain.  Doing the right thing is not always easy.
  • Michelle Poler. Michelle is very well-known for partaking in a 100-day challenge to feel uncomfortable.  Each day she would do something new that made her feel uncomfortable.  It gained a lot of traction on social media (it “went viral” as the kids say) and she rolled with it.  Her motto is “fear less, do more.”  The greater the discomfort, the greater the reward.  Do you make decisions based on comfort or growth potential?
  • General Stanley McChrystal. Take a look at your policies, are they hindering your process?  Allow people to make changes and develop a strategy where your team is able to 1) Detect, 2) Assess, 3) Respond, and 4) Learn from mistakes.
  • Jamie Kern Lima. A very well-established business owner, having sold her cosmetics company to L’Oréal.  Start by changing your relationship with self-doubt.  Your greatest setbacks are often God’s greatest setups. 
  • Shola Richards. We are defined by how we treat each other.  What we allow will continue.  In a storm, be a buffalo (run toward), not a cow (run away).  Five ways to value others: 1) Their ideas and contributions, 2) Their role, 3) Their time, 4) Their skills, and 5) Their efforts.
  • Rebecca Bender. What is the litmus test in the crossroads of your life?  Turn your mess into your message.
  • Jerry Lorenzo. To energize your creativity, start with a problem.  Strive to be the same person in all aspects of your life.
  • Rich Wilkerson, Jr. Three ways to embrace the grind of leadership: 1) Rename the grind (importance and positivity), 2) Reframe the grind (mindset), and 3) Remain in the grind (perseverance).  The grass is only green where you water it.

Did You Know?  One of Coach Jim Johnson’s former players, Anthony Lamb, was on ESPN earlier in the week in an NBA Summer League game against the Detroit Pistons.  Anthony’s Houston Rockets finish up their Summer League schedule on Sunday night at 8pm EST on NBA TV against the Orlando Magic.  Tune in!

Life Tip #18:  Focus on becoming a better speaker – Words matter.

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