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Do you appreciate your Family?

How do you appreciate your family members?

Last week, I went on a wonderful trip to Hawai’i with my wife and son.  We had a wonderful time sight-seeing and spending quality time together, which I don’t get to do as often now (my son currently lives in California).  It got me to thinking about my family and how I stay in touch with them.  This week, I want to give you some tips on how to show your appreciation for family members as they are your greatest support system throughout your life.  Make sure you let me know how you show appreciation for your family (I love quirky family traditions!) on social media or in the comments below.

  • Say “I love you”. You cannot say these words enough.  Be conscious of who you say them to and how often.  As we go through our daily lives, saying “I love you” can often be neglected.  Don’t let that happen to you!
  • Share appreciation. Write thank you notes, send congratulations, and let other people in your family know you care about them by reaching out and showing this appreciation.  A simple “Hey, congrats on the new job” can go a long ways in maintaining a relationship.
  • Remember important dates. Anniversaries (you’re welcome, wives around the world), birthdays, and life milestones are always a great time to reach out and say hey.  This shows you care about them and their personal lives.  Do you know all of the important dates of your close relatives?
  • Plan activities. Make these activities with your family a high priority. Attend events in their lives, support them, and show them you are there for them.  Prioritize these events and treat them as appointments you cannot miss.  Do you plan out family activities?
  • Constantly stay in touch. Whether it’s a weekly phone call, text, or email, it’s very important to consistently keep tabs on those whom you care for.  Do you stay in touch with your close family members?  How often?

Did You Know?  Coach is speaking at a satellite event for the Lightheart Institute at their Global Leadership Summit in Rochester, NY at Mercy High School.

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