Coach Jim Johnson

Do you believe in miracles?

They do exist

If I have learned anything from this years NCAA March Madness tournament, I’ve learned that miracles do exist.  Although my bracket is completely busted (I know I’m not alone), I have made some observations from the first few rounds that may have lead to these miracles happening.  This week in my #CJJblog I give a shoutout to the UMBC Retrievers and those other upsets, pinpointing some rationale behind the madness.  Enjoy.

  • Miracles do happen. Why?   With the right mindset and elimination of pressure, a team can play loose and free.  This is exactly what happened in the #16 UMBC upset over #1 Virginia (first time ever).  They believed in themselves and played the best game of their lives.  Do you believe in miracles?
  • Tony Bennett is classy. If you have not seen Tony Bennett’s post-game interview after his UVA squad lost in the first round, I highly suggest you do.  He handled it with true class and spoke in the exact way a coach should in defeat.  He didn’t make any excuses and used it as a life lesson for himself and his players.  What did you think of this interview?
  • Team chemistry matters. This was most apparent in the miracle game of Buffalo taking down Arizona in the first round.  UB displayed tremendous team chemistry, most notably on the offensive end of the floor.  They got good shots every possession and passed the ball beautifully.
  • Not a sprint.  Miracles, as in all sporting events, do not happen in a sprint.  Although Kentucky lost in the Sweet Sixteen, five weeks ago, their ticket to the tourney was in jeopardy as they were struggling mightily.  Then they caught fire, won the SEC tournament, and advanced far into the NCA Tournament.
  • Never give up mindset. There will inevitably be some roadblocks a team must overcome.  Will you give up or keep going?  This tournament, more so than any other I can remember, has included many comebacks.  A never give up mindset allows for this to occur.
  • Be unique. A miracle can only happen if your team does something unique and does it very well.  Think the Syracuse zone defense or the West Virginia press.  Are you unique enough to pull off a miracle?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is one of four endorses for the book Unstoppable: Developing a Great Basketball Post Player, by Swen Nader.  Swen was an 11-year NBA player and most notably, the backup to Bill Walton in college at UCLA.

Life Tip #92:  Success leaves clues.  Learn from successful people, teams, and organizations.

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