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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Do you have any happiness hacks?

How do you ensure your happiness?

Are you a happy person?  Is it something you focus on every day?  Do you envy those who don’t sweat the small stuff?  I consider myself to be consistently happy and wanted to share some helpful tips that work very well for me in the #CJJblog this week.  We shall call them happy hacks.  Enjoy.

  • Be kind.  Be kind to others and perform a random act of kindness every once in awhile.  Get in the mindset of making others happy first.
  • Exercise.  Sometimes it will be very difficult mentally to go on that run, or drag yourself to the gym, but I promise you, the feeling afterwards is incredible.
  • Cause.  What is your why?  What makes you tick?  Find a cause or organization you feel passionately about and donate your time and/or money to it.
  • Laughter.  Laugh every single day, even if you have to force yourself to do so.  Chat with a friend, or watch a video on YouTube, whatever you have to do.
  • Self-five.  Have you ever given yourself a self-five in the mirror to start your day?  Try it.
  • Positive affirmations.  “I am…” or “I will…” statements with a positive spin are very powerful and will make you very confident.  Say them out loud.
  • Guard your mind.  What are you feeding your mind?  Do you complain about the little things in life?  To be truly happy, you need to consume positive content on a daily basis.
  • Reward yourself.  Appropriately, of course.  Instead of having a big hot fudge sundae after a great workout, maybe buy yourself a nice shirt instead.
  • Gratitude journal.  Do you write down what you are thankful for?  Start a gratitude journal and fill it with positive thoughts each day.
  • Get outside.  Fresh air can be a very calming, happy experience.  Have you been sitting at a desk for a few hours?  Go outside and appreciate all that you have.
  • Passion.  What do you enjoy?  What makes you smile?  Make sure to work some of those things into your daily routine.
  • Power of choice.  One of my favorite quotes from Viktor E. Frankl: Between stimulus and response there is no space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.”

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Life Tip #21:  Smile a lot

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