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Do you have great character?

Are you a person of good character?

How do you want to be remembered?  Do you want to be remembered as someone who washonest and truthful?  What are you doingto ensure that happens?  With the recentpassing of George H.W. Bush, I wanted to talk about being a person of outstandingcharacter in the #CJJblog this week.  Iwould love to hear about how you are demonstrating some of thesecharacteristics in the comments below. Enjoy!

  • Lead by example.  Do you know a person who is all talk?  In order to be a person of great character, your actions must match your words.  Most people say they let their actions speak for themselves, but how many actually do?
  • Others know you care.  Do other people know that you care about them?  In order to instill this feeling in those you interact with, you must be consistently reliable.  George H. W. Bush would write hand-written thank you notes and birthday cards to go above and beyond and achieve this with others.  Do you write hand-written cards?
  • Catch others doing good.  Praise in public and criticize in private.  When others do the right thing, make sure you recognize them in public in front of their peers.
  • Measure of character.  How are you acting when nobody is watching?  Always remember that someone is always watching and act accordingly. This is a great way to internalize your true character.
  • Consistently follow Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments are a great place to start when it comes to establishing great character.  Do you know what these commandments are?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson met President George Bush (George H. W. Bush’s son) in 2006 with J-Mac

Life Tip #25: Always lead by example

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