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Do you have the Three C’s to be an effective leader?

What are the Three C’s of leadership?

In order to be an effective leader, you must have Character, Competence, and Consistency.  Are you a person of high character, intelligence, and consistent behavior?  When it comes to two NFL coaches who have been in the news recently, one might come to the conclusion they are lacking in these areas.  In the #CJJblog this week I give my thoughts on Jon Gruden and Urban Meyer and if they have the Three C’s of Character, Competence, and Consistency.  Enjoy.

  • Competency.  When it comes to knowledge, both Gruden and Meyer are exceptional football minds.  Both are good football coaches as they demonstrated by reaching the top of their profession.  Competency is not the issue here.
  • Character.  While both men are competent, their character is in serious question.  The email scandal with Gruden, and nightclub issue with Meyer shed light on who they are as people.  Both have brought issues upon themselves with a lack of character, making it near impossible for them to unite a locker room moving forward.
  • Consistency.  In order to build trust and culture within a team, consistency is key.  Are you a leader of your word?  Do you act as you preach to others?  For Gruden and Meyer, the answer here is a resounding “no.”  Gruden will likely never coach football again and I would be shocked if Meyer made it through his first season in Jacksonville.

Did You Know?  My man, Jason “J-Mac” McElwain celebrated his 33rd birthday on Wednesday (October 20th).  Make sure to reach out to him on social media and wish him well!

Life Tip #28:  When people think of a person with integrity, they think of you (NOT Gruden or Meyer)

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