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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

During a crisis, leaders need to step up

How have you stepped up during the pandemic?

During times of crisis, true leaders step up and answer the call for their team.  Do you and your team have clarity on what the team is trying to accomplish?  Or, are there individuals with a different agenda?  As a leader and a coach for many decades, I wanted to share some insight on the foundation of leadership with you.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you seven tips on how you can be an effective leader during tough times.  Enjoy.

  • Clarify your vision. Do your personal and team missions align with each other?  Make sure they are clear and everyone is aware of them at all times.
  • Build trust. Here are three ways you can build trust: 1) Actions match your words, 2) Be vulnerable with the truth and admit when you are wrong, and 3) Catch people doing the right thing and praise them in public.
  • Create an edge. There are many ways you can create an edge.  How do you stay above the competition?  You can work on new systems or processes for the team, be an effective goal-setter, and use other voices to speak your mission.
  • Effective communication. 1) Improve (and constantly grow) your communication skills, 2) Become a willing listener and open yourself up to feedback, and 3) Hold efficient and effective meetings.
  • Lead by example. Never forget that you are always on stage and the spotlight is always shining on you as the leader and role model.
  • Leave a profit. Adopt a growth mindset and never stop your personal growth.  Say to yourself “Everything I leave is better than when I arrived.”  Are you leaving a profit everywhere you go?
  • Servant leadership. Be a leader who serves others.  Focus on developing other leaders on your team and grow their abilities to lead others.  Are you a servant leader?

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is nearing the completion of his Virtual Presentation Program and will be providing a virtual presentation very soon.  How are you growing your skill set?

Life Tip # 19:  Constantly improve your communication skills

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