Global Leadership Summit 2018 notes – Part 2

Part two from the GLS

Last week, I introduced some of my notes from the Global Leadership Summit simulcast and the fellow leaders I had the pleasure of learning from.  This week, I wrap up my thoughts on leadership and hopefully help you become a better role model.  Make sure you reach out to me on social media with questions or thoughts on how you consistently improve.  Enjoy.

  • John Maxwell. Leaders see more and see before others.  Leaders think in abundance and develop a process with everything they do.  Maxwell shared his process; test, fail, learn, improve, re-enter.  What is your process?
  • Rasmus Ankersen. Always ask yourself why you fail and why you succeed.  Never trust success blindly and always seek to improve yourself.  How do you seek to consistently improve?
  • Erwin McManus. True leaders run into the fire, not away from it.  Be willing to go through pain to step into greatness.  Challenges don’t mean your dream isn’t attainable.  How do you fight through adversity?
  • Simon Sinek. Play an infinite game of leadership and seek to leave a profit for after you’re gone.  There are five keys to a game of infinite leadership: 1) Just cause, 2) Have a trusting team, 3) Have a worthy rival , 4) Existential flexibility, and 5) Courage to lead.
  • Craig Groeschel. Effective leaders ask consistently   Why is something working?  Why is something not working?  Understand your mission and make your team feel needed.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson will be giving his leadership keynote to a group of students at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) on Friday, August 31st.

Life Tip #3:  Develop a leadership philosophy.  Mine is: Everything you touch turns to gold, not garbage

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