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Be Grateful for Unexpected Opportunities

When was the last time something unexpectedly GREAT happened to you?

Being grateful for the unexpected is more of a mindset than anything.  It is crucial for you to be aware of the opportunities that come your way.  The harder (and smarter) you work, the more opportunities will fall into your lap.  When they do, you need to be grateful for them.  Here are four of my personal opportunities that have unexpectedly come my way.  As you read them, know that I am forever grateful for each and every unexpected situation that comes my way.

  • John Calipari. Yes, the college basketball coach.  Back when Coach Cal was coaching at UMass, I reached out to him with a hand-written letter asking for his advice on how to turn my high school basketball program around.  A few days went by and my phone rang.  Coach Cal on the other end.  We proceeded to chat for 15 minutes and he gave me some tips for changing the culture of my squad.  He also reached out to me after the J-Mac game, which really meant a lot.
  • Jeffrey Gitomer. In 2011, I read his book The Little Book of Leadership and felt compelled to connect with him via LinkedIn.  This lead to speaking on the phone with this award-winning sales trainer and speaker for 30 minutes.  This was very unexpected, but would not have happened without me reaching out to him first.
  • Kate Holgate (my Manager). Kate and I met in Orlando a number of years ago at the annual National Speakers Conference.  As I sat down at a table for lunch, Kate was already occupying the table.  When we got to chatting, she was looking for more clients and I was desperately looking for a manager.  It was an unexpected perfect match.
  • Doug Potter (my Marketing Coordinator). Doug is a young man who played in the J-Mac game back in 2006 and was actually on the opposite team (Spencerport High School).  After a number of years, we reconnected and in 2013, he became my Marketing Coordinator.  Doug also is instrumental in the production in this very blog.

Life Tip #59:  Send people written congratulations for their accomplishments

Did You Know?  Coach is now back speaking full-time and delivering his Leadership Keynote across the country.


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