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Have you set your 2021 goals yet?

What do your 2021 goals look like?

With the first month of 2021 nearly in the books, I wanted to take the opportunity to help you get refocused on your goals and resolutions that you may have set for yourself just a few short weeks ago.  How are you ensuring your goals come to fruition?  Are you already falling behind?  The #CJJblog this week gives you ten tips on how you can stay on track this year.

  • Understand your WHY. This is a great foundational place to start.  What is your why?  Have you put your personal mission statement into writing yet?
  • Word of the year. Or a slogan.  Does your year have a theme?  Some suggestions may be “I am responsible,” or “I will rebound.”
  • Your goals should not all be tied to the same topic.  There are seven main categories you can focus on: Spiritual, Health, Financial, Family, Business, Social, and Hobby.
  • Try not to just create a goal for the heck of it.  Have a specific plan that’s personal, specific, measurable, challenging, and with a deadline.  “I want to lose weight” can become “I am going to lose 15 pounds by June 15th.”
  • Make your goals visible. You can do this in three easy steps: 1) Post your goals somewhere in your house, 2) Write them out on index cards and read them out loud twice daily, and 3) Start a goal journal where you document your journey.
  • Phrase your goal as a question or challenge to yourself.  For example, “How can I…?” or “What do I need to do to…?”  Then, write down 20 different actions you can take to accomplish this goal.
  • One BHAG. Do you have at least one Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal?  For me, I am going to finish writing and publishing my second book by the end of the year.  What is yours?
  • For every goal comes obstacles preventing us from being successful.  It is important to identify, write them down, and recognize them as they present themselves, so you can overcome them.
  • Take at least one action every day toward accomplishing your goal.  Write out what you will do, then do it!
  • Do you have an accountability partner?  Someone to hold you accountable for your actions?  This can be an individual, a course, or even a motivational video that speaks to you.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson delivers a goal setting workshop multiple times every year?  You can reach out to him directly for more information via email at:

BONUS Life Tip: When people lose their way, they lose their why

BONUS Challenge: Start a positive habit tomorrow that you will do consistently for seven consecutive days

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