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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How about taking a 30-day challenge?

Have you taken a 30-day challenge before?

Now that we are almost two months into 2022, it might be a good time to assess the progress we have made on our goals.  Are you still on track with your New Years’ Resolutions?  Have you changed course at all?  To change pace a bit, I wanted to use the #CJJblog this week to offer up a new 30-day challenge.  If you are willing to commit, the rules are simple: Choose one rule from each of the three categories and live by them for the next 30 days.  In the spirit of Atomic Habits by James Clear, the challenge should be obvious, attractive, easy, and you should never miss two days in a row.  Which rules will you choose (one per section)?

  • Sleep (Pick ONE)
    • Develop a pre-sleep routine (15-30 minutes)
    • Wake up/go to sleep at the same time each day
    • Get at least seven hours of sleep per night
    • Don’t eat within three hours of going to bed
    • No technology for at least an hour before bed or
    • No cell phone in your bedroom.
  • Eating (Pick ONE)
    • Eat 4+ servings of fruits or vegetables per day
    • Have a fasting period where you are only able to eat during a ten hour window (ex: Can only eat between 10am-8pm)
    • Double your water intake
    • Eat red meat only once per week
    • Stop eating at 6:30pm
    • Eat two meals within your eating window
    • No caffeine after Noon
  • Exercise (Pick ONE)
    • Put workout clothes out the night before, as you are getting ready for bed
    • Write down your exercise time in your calendar
    • Start with something small (ex: 20-minute walk)
    • Find an accountability partner
    • Hire an exercise coach
    • Find an activity you enjoy to exercise
    • Join a gym – and GO!

Did You Know? Coach Jim Johnson sat down with former President of Starbucks Coffee International, Howard Behar, on the most recent episode of his podcast, “Limitless Leadership Lounge.”  You can listen HERE.

Life Tip #9: Exercise at least 4x per week for 20-60 minutes, focusing on both cardio and strength.

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