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How are You doing as a Dad?

How do you define success as a father?

In honor of Father’s Day this past Sunday, I wanted to use this #CJJblog to honor the fathers all across the world.  Whether you have a grandfather, father, or a dad yourself, we all know how important they are in our lives.  It’s crucial that we do not get too caught up in our day to day lives and lose sight of the importance of family.  Below are some tips on how you should define success as a father.  Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me and let me know how your father has influenced you.  Enjoy.

  • Be clear on core values. Whether it’s having good manners, being on time, or getting good grades, make sure you communicate your core values clearly and consistently.  What is your life mission?  Put it in writing, live it, and teach it to your kids.
  • Lead by example. Your children (especially when they are young) are always watching you.  They pick up your actions much quicker than your words.  How are you leading by example?
  • High expectations. This will help your kids grow into the fine young men and women that you expect them to be.  Intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth should be the goal and having expectations of continued improvement will get them on the right path.  What are your expectations for your kids?
  • Include your children. Make them a part of your life every chance you get.  Treat appointments with your kids the same way you would at work or going to the doctors.  Plan out spending time with them and support them at all times.  How do you include your children in your life?
  • Help them dream big. Paint a positive future for them and help them achieve greatness.  Encourage them to become great and speak the language of positivity.  Never forget to love them unconditionally.

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Life Tip #61:  How do your children spell love? T-I-M-E

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