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How are you doing with your reading?

Have you recommended any good books lately?

Reading is a great way to grow your mind and increase your knowledge.  Doing it consistently is important for your professional growth as well.  Are you a casual reader, or do you read every day?  For me, I try and read a book every week.  Below are the last ten books I have read and recommend!  Enjoy.

1) Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg: Transformative power of real productivity.

2) Hello Fears by Michelle Poler: Crush your comfort zone and learn strategies and tactics to overcome your fears!

3) Sell Different: Excellent Tactics to sell more effectively.  HERE is a Youtube video review I did for this book last month.

4) Trusted Leader by David Horsager: Outstanding fable that uses the 8 pillars of Trust to help you become an outstanding leader.

5) Triple Crown Leadership by Bob and Gregg Vanourek: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring organizations. Excellent research and tips to become a more effective leader.

6) Decoding Greatness by Ron Friedman: How the best in the world reengineer success! Excellent research and stories of successful people in many different fields.

7) Rising Strong by Brene Brown: How the ability to reset and transform how we live, love, parent, and lead!

8) Effortless by Greg McKeown: Make it easier to Do What Matters Most!

9) The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White: Great ideas for encouraging people in the workplace!

10) The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West: A simple lesson to create positive change!

Did you know?  Coach Jim Johnson took a trip to NC this week to go golfing with some friends.  The courses won, but they still had fun!

Coach and some friends golfing in Pinehurst, NC

Life Tip #43: Leaders are READERS!

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