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In many of my blog posts, I recommend servant leadership to any leaders looking to develop their skills.  In the #CJJblog this week, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and open up the communication for me to do just that.  How can I help you?  Do you need advice on something?  Are you a young, emerging leader just getting your feet wet?  I have had success in 3 main areas.  Helping others: 1) Lead themselves, 2) Lead teams, and 3) Developing championship teams.  Below are ways I consistently serve others, but I challenge you to reach out to me and let me support you in any way (big or small) I can.  Talk soon!

  • Keynote speaker.  I have three main presentations: 1) Leadership, 2) Inclusion, and 3) Making your dreams come true.
  • Workshops.  Mainly focused on leadership and goal-setting.
  • Blog.  Every Friday.  Every week, like clock-work. #CJJblog
  • Newsletter.  Sent out every month (mid-month) and the main focus is the Seven Keys to Leadership and effective communication.  You can sign up to receive these emailed monthly HERE.
  • YouTube channel. I post a variety of different videos on my channel.  Check it out and subscribe HERE.
  • Social media.  I am posting every day.  Follow me on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for daily motivational quotes, leadership tips, and content from others in my circle as well – @CoachJimJohnson
  • Podcast.  Want to hear from other leaders and successful people on how they got to where they are today?  You should check out my weekly podcast (Wednesdays) – Limitless Leadership Lounge – We are almost at 100 episodes!
  • Book.  A Coach and a Miracle.  You can purchase HERE.  I sign each book purchased and it comes with a free bookmark! 
  • Individual coaching.  Book a session with me to improve your Leadership skills.  Need help leading yourself or a team?  I can help.

Did You Know?  Check out a few videos about me and my story:

Life Tip #35:  Use the CANEI Formula – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

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