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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How can we help others win?

How often do you seek to help others?

Do you focus on helping others as often as you should?  I was listening to a podcast this week about Michael Collins.  Not many people know who he is, when in fact, he was instrumental in one of America’s greatest achievements: The Moon Landing in 1969.  Collins was the 3rd astronaut on that mission who stayed in Apollo 11 and circled his crewmates, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, while they visited the moon.  This got me thinking about how important it can be to assist others.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you ten tips on how you can help other win.  Enjoy.

  • Improve yourself.  Are you improving yourself consistently?  Do you have a Personal Growth Plan?  Seek to help yourself first before helping others.
  • Praise others.  Have you noticed someone else doing something good?  Praise them publicly, especially as a leader or coach.  A powerful response when hearing good news is “I’m really happy for you.”
  • Random acts of kindness.  Have you ever done something nice for someone for no specific reason and didn’t expect anything in return?  Even small things can go a long way.  You can perform these acts for friends and family members or complete strangers.
  • Get to know others.  Do you ask engaging questions?  Are you able to listen and respond appropriately?
  • Advice.  Do you give good advice?  There are a couple caveats to giving advice: 1) Make sure they are asking for advice, or 2) You ask if they are open to receiving advice.  Unsolicited advice can be received the wrong way.
  • Truth.  Do you share the truth with others?  Be open and honest about expectations vs. reality.
  • Appreciation.  Do you write personal hand-written notes to others?  You should start.
  • Recognize special days.  Birthdays, anniversaries, and new jobs are all great opportunities for you to reach out and connect with someone.  Do it consistently and watch your network grow.
  • Awareness.  Be aware of others’ struggles.  Reach out and be supportive.  Also make sure you are being empathetic and sensitive to this.  Ask good questions and support them any way you can.
  • Transparency.  Do you talk about others (coworkers, relatives, etc.) behind their back?  It’s best to confront people to their face in a calm manner, to give yourself the best chance at a resolution.

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Life Tip # 7:  Treat each person you meet like a million-dollar customer

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