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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How can you finish the year strong?

Are you ready for the home stretch?

Don’t look now, but it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Are you ready to close out the year strong?  Instead of being like everyone else and waiting for those New Year’s Resolutions to motivate you, why don’t you make some changes and kick things into gear today?  The #CJJblog this week gives you some tips on how you can dominate the remaining days of 2022.  Enjoy.

  • Accountability.  Here are some ideas you can implement to make yourself more accountable:  1) Ask yourself who needs me on my A-Game today? 2) Say to yourself I am responsible eachmorning in the mirror, 3) Have weekly calls with an accountability partner, 4) Spend the first 15 minutes of each day reading something inspirational or educational, 5) Around lunch time each day, spend a few minutes thinking about what is going well so far today, 6) How can I complete today with excellence?, and 7) What does a perfect day look like to me?
  • Have a plan.  Are your plans intentional, or are they just there to exist?
    • Personal wellness plan.  Exercise 20 minutes per day, have a set sleep schedule, and stop eating after 7pm.
    • Personal growth plan. Start each day by reading, feed your mind 30 minutes per day, and start weekly mastermind group meetings
    • Financial independence plan.  Start saving money into your rainy day fund, pay down your credit card debt, and start a retirement account
    • Plan of attack.  End each day by planning for tomorrow.  Write down your three most important goals and how you will take action.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson was recently a guest on the Keith Sconiers Podcast, Purpose.  You can listen to the full episode HERE.

Life Tip #69:  Do it now.

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