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How do you become a servant leader?

Are you a servant leader?

Are you someone who seeks to lead first, or serve first?  There are definitely times when both are, but many people often forget to serve others before themselves.  As a professional speaker, I am always looking to grow my skills and bring value to others.  I just finished building out a new keynote presentation centered around servant leadership.  In the #CJJblog this week I give you my three keys from my keynote and how you can become a better leader.  Enjoy.

  • Define.  Before we get into the three keys of servant leadership, let’s define what it is.  Being a servant leader is someone who flips the traditional leadership pyramid upside down and leads others from the bottom.  Put others’ needs before your own.
    • Lead yourself.  What is your why?  What is your personal mission statement?  Ask yourself: 1) Why am I on this earth? 2) What are my three most important values? 3) How can I make a statement? And 4) How can I be intentional about personal growth?
    • Lead others.  Once you are a master at leading yourself, you can then begin to lead others.  1)Lead by example, 2) Consistently have energy (develop a Personal Wellness Plan), 3) Be intentional with build relationships and trust with others – Align your words with your actions, speak the truth, and catch people doing the right things.
    • Develop other leaders.  Help others become leaders as well.  Teach them to be good communicators and aggressive listeners.
      • Questions to ask your team members: 1) What can I do to keep you on the team? 2) What’s getting in your way to achieve success? and 3) What can I do to make you successful?
    • Conclusion.  To become a servant leader, you must be consistently curious about others and take pride in being an involved mentor.  Praise expected behavior in public and correct poor behavior in private.

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Life Tip #59:  Send people hand-written notes of congratulations.

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