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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do you become an authentic leader?

How do you know if someone is being authentic?

Being an authentic leader can look like many different things.  Are you a good listener?  Do you make your team feel appreciated?  Are you able to praise someone for doing the right thing?  As someone always in the spotlight as a leader and role model, it is crucial that your authenticity is always showing.  In the #CJJblog this week, I wanted to give you some things you can consistently focus on to become an authentic leader.  Enjoy.

  • Three things to remember: 1) Your words can enhance or destroy your authenticity, 2) Your actions cam enhance or destroy your authenticity, and 3) Your words and actions must align to be authentic.
  • Feedback.  Always embrace feedback and take action on the information you are receiving.  Always seek out feedback by asking these questions: 1) Rate me on a scale of 1-10 as a leader (and how can I become a 10), 2) What are some things you are excited about?, 3) Is there anything bugging you?, 4) What do you think…?, and 5) How can I best help you?
  • Mistakes.  Admit to your mistakes and follow these three easy steps: 1) Admit your wrongdoing, 2) Apologize, and 3) Take responsibility and correct it.
  • Expectations.  You must be crystal clear with your expectations at all times.  If you keep the communication open and honest, you will have no issues around expectations.  There should be no surprises, allowing your team to function at a high level at all times.  How do you manage expectations?
  • Care and candor. 1) Care about people, 2) Lead with your head and your heart, and 3) Always consider the good, the bad, and the improvement.

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Life Tip #66:  You can’t live a perfect day without doing something nice for someone who cannot pay you back.

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