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How do you build a championship culture?

Is your culture championship worthy?

How do you go about building a championship culture?  Is this something you consistently focus on?  While managing the day-to-day tasks and focusing on so many things, your culture can quickly get away from you if you are not careful.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some tips on how you can set high standards and build a caring environment for your team.  Enjoy.

  • Clarify mission.  As well as your values.  Be the CRO (Chief Reminding Officer) for your team and encourage integrity, growth, team play, and work ethic.
  • Theme.  Does your team have a theme or quote you operate by?  Find one and instill this quote at every practice and set the example for your team members by putting these words into action.
  • Build trust.  There are three keys to building trust: 1) Actions = words, 2) Truthful, and 3) Catch people doing the right thing.
  • Weekly captain’s meetings.  This allows you to get feedback directly from the team voices.
  • One-On-One meetings.  Have these in the offseason as well.  Meet with your players consistently.
  • Organized practices.  Be demanding during the practices and make them tough, but fun.
  • Community service.  Find ways your team is willing to give back and help out the local community.
  • Birthdays.  Do you send birthday cards to your players?  How about your entire organization?  I did and it was something I took very seriously.
  • Team activities.  Off the court activities (dinners, bowling, etc.) helped build a bond among the team members.
  • Fundraisers.  The whole program should participate.
  • Middle School Night.  Once a season, we would invite the middle school teams to a varsity game and introduce them at halftime.
  • Coaching staff attends other games.  Showing our support.
  • Banquet.  At the end of the year to recognize the work we put in.
  • End of season meetings.  Meet with every player and coach in the program at the end of the season.  It is time-consuming, but it is 100% worth it.
  • Former players.  Bring them in to practices to speak with and motivate your current team.
  • Reinforce values.  Every chance you get.
  • Program booklet.  At the end of the year banquet that includes the highlights of the season.
  • Leave a profit.  Everything your team touches is left better than when they arrived (ex: opposing team locker rooms).
  • Coach is a leader and role model.  You are always on stage as the coach.
  • Mental imagery.  Sessions before games imagining upcoming success.

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Life Tip #103:  Kill people with kindness

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