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How do you build trust with others?

Are you someone others can trust?

The #CJJblog last week talked about my favorite books I have read so far this year – I read about a book per week.  This week, I wanted to give you an in-depth look at “Trusted Leader: 8 Pillars That Drive Results” by my friend, David Horsager.  Dave is a trust expert and does a great job not only explaining the importance of trust through his 8 pillars “8 C’s” as he calls them, but how the reader can use trust to develop their interpersonal relationships with others.  Have you read the Trusted Leader?  Let me know your thoughts.  Enjoy.

  • People trust clear and easy to understand messages, while distrusting ambiguous messages.  Are you clear and direct with your communication?
  • People put faith in those who care about others.  Are you in the mindset of loving others?  Remember, others will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  • People respect what’s right over what’s easy.  Are you a high character person and living out your most important values?
  • People have confidence in those who are refreshing, relevant, and capable.  Are you a lifelong learner?
  • People believe in those who stand through adversity.  Do you compromise your values when things get tough?  People trust businesses who are committed to delivering on their promises.
  • People want to follow, buy from, and be around friends.  A great way to build trust within your relationships is to have one-on-one meetings.  Effective leaders are vulnerable with their team members.
  • People respond immediately to results.  The 6 E’s of contribution are: Example, Expectation, Education, Encouragement, Empowerment, and Expanding trust.
  • People love to see the little things done consistently.  This is the king of all the eight pillars because everything must be done consistently.

Did You Know?  You can grab your own copy of Trusted Leader HERE

Life Tip #7:  Treat each person you meet like a million-dollar customer


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