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How do you Define Success?

What is your definition of success?

Many people define success differently.  Some of us equate it with money, while others look to develop strong relationships with others.  No matter how you define success, it is important you understand how to achieve it.  Below are some tips I have compiled for you on how to achieve your own version of success.  Enjoy.

  • Health, wealth, and relationships. These are the main three categories that success is measured.  Below are some examples in each category.  What three categories would you break down success in?
  • Set appointments with yourself to exercise regularly.  Treat it as a typical appointment throughout your day and do NOT miss it.  Once you start slacking on these personal appointments, it could leak into other aspects of your life.  When was your last exercise appointment you set with yourself?
  • Think of your biggest debt or burden in your life financially.  Pay off this debt as best you can.  You should also start your retirement account as early as you can.  What is your biggest financial debt you can start to pay off?
  • Take time to listen regularly to someone and help them with anything they need.  This will help you stay connected to those around you and achieve relationship success.  Who can you listen to on a regular basis?

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Life Tip #35:   Use the CANEI (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement) formula

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