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How do you motivate a struggling team?

Is your team in a funk?

Happy first week of March Madness.  As we filled out our brackets this week, a lot of us thought about how hot/cold the teams were coming into the tourney.  Have they won seven straight?  Have they lost five of six?  It got me to thinking…  How do we get our teams out of a funk?  In the #CJJblog this week I give you some tips on how you can motivate a struggling team.

  • Remind.  Get back to your core mission.  What does your team value?  Be the Chief Reminding Officer (CRO) on what you want to accomplish and your why.
  • Strengths.  What does everyone (Coaches and players) do well?  Are they being used appropriately?  Get back to basics and identify the best use for everyone in the organization.
  • Check-ins.  One on one with your team.  How are they doing?  What are they struggling with?  How can you best support them?
  • Goals.  Are the team goals and goals of the individuals aligned?  Or do they need to be readjusted?
  • Meetings.  How often are you meeting with your captains?  What are you talking about with them?  Make sure they know you want to be a better leader to them and you are there to help them turn goals into actions.
  • Other voices.  You can also bring in other voices and personalities to talk with the team.  Former players, speakers, trainers, assistant coaches, etc. are all great options.
  • Team builders.  I’m not talking about a spaghetti dinner or laser tag.  Get creative here, your team is in crisis mode.  A team wraparound (group conversation) or gratitude line might do the trick here.
  • Story-telling.  Have any good stories where someone (maybe a previous team) dug themselves out of a hole and got back on track to accomplish great things?  Now is the time to bust it out.  Overwhelm them with positive vibes.
  • Be their calm.  If they see you stressing, they will feel the same.  Compose yourself and lead.  Your team needs you.

Did You Know?  You can listen to this week’s Limitless Leadership Lounge podcast episode HERE.

Life Tip #25:  Always lead by example

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