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How do you pursue excellence?

Are you pursuing excellence or hoping for it?

Excellence is something that is easy to talk about, but difficult to obtain.  After reading the book, The Pursuit of Excellence by Ryan Hawk and having him on our podcast, I decided to write the #CJJblog this week on this very topic.  Below are some takeaways from his great book and how you can pursue excellence in your own life.  Enjoy.

  • Success is based on a comparison of others, while excellence is based on your own potential.
  • Small, smart choices plus consistency plus time equals radical changes.
  • Giving anything less than your best is sacrificing your gifts to the world.
  • Success in your career is finding something you are good at, then spending thousands of hours perfecting it, and applying grit, sacrifice, and an unrelenting will to breakthrough.
  • When was the last time you were wrong?
  • Growth mindset leaders share credit.  Being self-made leads to being community-made.
  • Don’t praise intelligence, praise the process.
  • People often defend biases instead of questioning them.
  • Developing the ability to change your mind will make you a better decision maker.  Ask yourself what is a better way of doing this?
  • Sales is all about solving problems, not pushing product.
  • What excites you most about your work?  What is your secret ability?
  • People want to feel seen and heard.
  • Disciplines are freedom.  Only disciplines in life are free.
  • Focus on your own personal records, not others.
  • Devote yourself to the process of consistency, which will lead to positive outcomes.
  • New goals don’t deliver good results, consistency does.
  • Don’t confuse the thought of failure with the discipline to confront your reality.
  • Nobody ever coasted their way to greatness.
  • Change is inevitable, growth is optional.
  • Outstanding leaders are curious and humble.  The greatest tool for learning is sharing your victories.
  • Never ask someone (a mentor) to pick their brain.  Instead ask them a specific question about their experience or accomplishments.
  • As a leader, ask yourself what can you continue doing, start doing, or stop doing?
  • Being a good listener comes down to ability and willingness.
  • Confidence is built through preparation, positive output, and stringing together wins.

Did You Know?  The Limitless Leadership Lounge interviewed Ryan Hawk and will publish the episode next week (May 10th).  Make sure to check it out HERE.

Life Tip #24:  Be a student of leadership by making it a study

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