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How do you sustain motivation with your team?

Is your team consistently motivated?

Having the ability to keep your team motivated is one of the most important things you can have as a leader.  Do you take days off?  Are you motivating your team every day?  Finding ways to keep your team engaged has tremendous benefits on your journey toward success.  In the #CJJblog this week I wanted to give you some tip on how you can sustain motivation amongst your team.  Enjoy.

  • Have a mission. Bring something bigger than winning or losing to the table and get your team to buy in.  Appoint a CRO (Chief Reminder Officer) to remind you to strive toward your mission consistently.
  • Catch people. Doing the right thing and praise them publicly.  At least once a week, have a “be positive” day where you pull back the reigns on the little tedious things, and focus on a positive environment.
  • When a team member puts we over me make sure they are recognized appropriately.  Who is putting the team first?
  • Motivational quote. Every once in awhile, deliver a motivational quote or story to keep your team motivated.
  • Team building activities. Make sure your team takes part in activities outside of the office or locker room.  What team building events do you organize?
  • Weekly themes. Have something specific to focus on for that particular week.  What can you work on?  You can decide what needs to be focused on by simply observing your team.
  • Team meetings. Allow for team meetings to happen with our without you (team-led or players only meetings).  Ask questions.
  • Individual meetings. Use one-on-one meetings with team members as a forum to share ideas and discover their personal goals.
  • Care as people. Do you care about your team members as people?  How well do you know them?  Sending birthday cards is a good example of a humanized action you can take to develop relationships.
  • Community service. Give back to your community by spending time on the weekends or nights doing acts of community service.
  • Develop mastery. Help your team members take their skills to the next level.  What do they do well?  Help them master it to stay motivated.

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Life Tip #44:  What kind of people are you associating with?  Are they helping or hindering you?

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