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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

How do you turn around a dysfunctional team?

Can you right the ship?

After watching the Washington Nationals win the 2019 World Series, it got me thinking about what goes into turning around a dysfunctional team.  The Nats started 19-31 this season, then proceeded to have the best record in baseball since late May, and ran through the playoffs, overcoming deficits left and right seemingly every step of the way.  When you are down and almost out, how can you turn around any dysfunction that may be affecting your team?  The #CJJblog this week looks at what it takes to become a champion after a rough start.  Enjoy.

  • Starts with the leaders. Four keys to turn around a dysfunctional team: 1) Have a clear vision, 2) Perseverance and a never give up mindset, 3) Lead by example through the tough times, 4) Stay humble
  • Focus on people first. How to build a trust account with others: 1) Meet one-on-one with each team member and listen, 2) be consistent with your actions, 3) Be a person of integrity and transparency, 4) Praise and reward positive behavior
  • Create a family-like environment. How to create an atmosphere of support: 1) Everyone feels safe to share news are encouraged to make mistakes, 2) Get to know team members on a personal level, 3) Celebrate accomplishments.
  • Have infinite game mindset: 1) Develop other leaders, 2) Don’t get too high or too low, 3) Grow yourself first, 4) Encourage team to share growth opportunities.

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson returned to the High School in which he coached at for the majority of his coaching career (Greece Athena High School, Rochester, NY) and spoke to students on Tuesday this week.

Life Tip #7:  Treat each person like a million dollar customer

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