keeping your word equals Integrity

Integrity, result of keeping your word

Do others take your word seriously?

Years ago, a promise and a hand-shake were all you needed – it builds character and integrity. Integrity is the result of keeping your word. Without integrity, there is no trust. You can not be an effective leader without trust.  If people can not trust that you will stand by your word, then they believe they can not trust you. With the recent Josh McDaniels backing out of Indianapolis and staying in New England fiasco, it got me thinking about our words and what they are worth.  Have you ever not followed through on your word with someone?  How did it feel?  One of the quickest ways to break trust with someone is to make your words hollow.  In this week’s #CJJblog I give you some tips on how to follow through on your word.  Enjoy.


First of all, as a leader, you must look in the mirror each and every day.

  • It starts starts with you.  Your decisions are a direct reflection of you as a person and your word is worth it’s weight in gold.  When people question your integrity, you loose your power to influence. My tip for this is to begin by keeping your own words to yourself. Start simple, If you say you are going to be back from lunch at 1pm, then keep your word. 

Second of all, you need to make sure what you are doing is the lead you want them to follow.

  • Keeping “your word” and making your actions match. Do what you say and say what you do.  If you give someone a deadline for something you will accomplish, follow through.  Having your actions match your words can be difficult at times, but the effort to do so will pay off. My tip is to remember the example on returning from lunch at the time you said you would? Before long your team will begin to not only trust your word, but to follow your lead. 
  • Giving them leads to follow in your “decision-making”. Your creditability for making decisions rest on your integrity. Remember, without integrity there is no trust. Your team has to know they can trust your decisions. My tip for building your trust account is to practice keeping your word daily. When you are building your trust account, it is easier for your team to trust you are able to make definitive decisions.  

As a result, your actions are providing hands on professional development to grow future leaders.

  • Develop other leaders. Your team is counting on you to help them grow.  They see your actions and take note with each one, as we are all doing with the people we see in leadership positions.  Always ask yourself , “Am I following through with my word?”

Always remember, “Think Bigger, Lead Better, Win More!” ~Coach

Life Tip #25:  Always lead by example

Did You Know?  Coach Jim Johnson is writing another book on leadership as he recovers from a recent hernia surgery.  Stay tuned!


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