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Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl LVII

Did you learn anything from the Super Bowl?

Wow – What a game.  Super Bowl LVII was very exciting to watch and, for me, learn a thing or two as well.  Last Sunday, we got to see one of the all-time great Super Bowls.  Yes, it was jaded a bit by the questionable officiating at the end, but overall it was an outstanding game.  In the #CJJblog this week, I give you some leadership lessons I learned from the top four leaders involved in the game – the two head coaches, and the two quarterbacks.  Enjoy.

  • Andy Reid
    • Creativity.  The way the Chiefs executed their offense in the second half was nothing short of magical.
    • Selflessness.  After the victory, in the postgame press conferences, Reid gave all the credit to his staff and the players.
    • Calmness.  Coach Reid was the calming influence needed for the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVII.  This seems to be a common theme for Kansas City, as they consistently make comebacks in big games.
  • Patrick Mahomes
    • Grit.  On one healthy ankle, Mahomes gutted out a near-perfect second half performance enroute to his first Super Bowl MVP award.
    • Competitive greatness.  Whether he has two minutes or 13 seconds left on the clock, Mahomes wants the ball in his hand in crunch time.
    • Humble.  Always credits his success to his teammates.
  • Nick Sirianni
    • Recovery.  Remember Coach Sirianni’s first press conference as the Eagles Head Coach?  Not good.  Not many people know that he privately apologized to the entire locker room and let them know how committed he was to the team’s success.
    • Vision.  He is a master at getting the players and staff to buy in and believe they can be great.
    • No excuses.  Sirianni didn’t blame the officials for the loss.  For those of you who saw the end of the Super Bowl, you can imagine how much of a challenge this must have been.
  • Jalen Hurts
    • Adversity.  Hurts has been through a lot in his football career.  Benched at halftime of the National Championship game in college, transferred to another school, and finished 2nd in Heisman Trophy voting in 2019 to Joe Burrow.  All leading to this great performance on the biggest stage in the Super Bowl.
    • Ownership.  One of the biggest plays in the game was his fumble in the second quarter, which was returned for a TD by Kansas City.  Hurts took ownership of this mistake and rallied his team back into gear.
    • Grit.  Hurts was also banged up, dealing with shoulder issues over the last couple months of the season.

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